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The Formerly Harmless Elemenstor

Originally a devout practitioner of Harmless Elemenstation, Zuumont turned to Fire Elemenstation in the early years of the Hierarch Wars and later became one of the most feared enemies of the Dark Elemenstors and the Doorknob Marshals.

In Book 11, Zuumont engages in some considerable heroics. He slays the Elemental Construct Vile Worm in an epic battle, then ventures into Myrkmoom and discovers the terrible truth about Bathtub Furniliars. He prompty incinerates the lot of them, angering the Mistress of Myrkmoom, the Elemenstrix Kapybara.

In Book 12, Zuumont plays a central supporting role throughout the book. In the end he is nearly defeated by the vengeful Kapybara in a climactic final battle featuring an unprecedented number of recently rescued damsels in distress. He is saved at the last moment by the spontaneous combustion of the Dark Elemenstrix and her Dark Furniliars. After a brief and excessive victory celebration, Zuumont finds out about the gruesome fate of his unrequited love, Amberberry, and swears an epic oath of Blood Vengeance, only to be talked out of it by Knobble the Desk.

Through Book 12, Zuumont kills one more of The Eight Elemental Constructs, Skullmar, in a continuing battle that rages through three of the seventeen final battles, the First, Second and Third and Final Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness.

In the Elemenstors' final epic confrontation with Char Reyarteb, Zuumont's long-repressed frustrations are finally unleashed; the Elemenstor becomes an Infernal Being of Searing Rage, causing minor damage to furniture and setting Baroness Sekulantra's hair on fire. This stunning conclusion to the character arc of the Formerly Harmless Elemenstor was voted for The Most Epic Moment in the Saga by 7% of the Elemenstorm 2005 participants.

Zuumont's loyal companion throughout the Hierarch Wars is his Furniliar, Knobble the Desk. The other key personalities in his life were his longtime ally Verdant Anuerism and the object of his unrequited love, Amberberry.

After the war, Zuumont was pivotal in the formation of the obtusely inept but largely not-ill-meaning Elemenstor Union, one of the many official and competing governing councils of Elemenstors to spring up during The Rise Of The Elemenstors as the High Elemenstor population exploded like few times before the Battal's history.

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