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Ycarip ten retn'i

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elothtes :: Ycarip ten retn'i (full)
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Ycarip ten retn'i

A common and immensly powerful information theivery spell. Due to the number of people who use it and the difficulty inherent in proving that it was used, very few of the Elemenstors who strike this gear are ultimately punished for the act.

The process of striking Ycarip ten retn'i consists of taking a blank scroll, wispering the incantation quietly and then saying certain keywords relating to the information that the caster wishes to summon. The information is then drawn from any location where it exists. This process usually takes between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the amount of information summoned and the number of locations in which it can be found; it may sometimes take days or even weeks.

For a more potent version of the spell, which deals with material objects, see Ycarip lautca.

Of course the reason this practice was outlawed is because once Ycarip tenned, the information would be identical to that sold by Information Merchants, and therefore one could not tell if it was stolen or purchased information. This of course made the Information Merchants furious.


I believe that this spell channels Linuxium. -Tim

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