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Yar the Sorcerial

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Yar the Sorcerial

b. 9,473

d. 11,999

Note: Yar the Sorcerial was not in fact a sorcerial; in his case, "sorcerial" refers to his powers of timesorc'ley and telesorc'ley. He considered calling himself Yar the Sorc'lerical, which would have been a more accurate moniker, but did not like having to deal with an apostrophe in his name.

An interesting character. Yar appears at various times as a villain and aggressor, other times as a hero and defender. Possibly in a larger, more chronological (relative to his life) context, his actions would make sense.

Yar the Sorcerial ascended from a line of Chronosorcellors known as the Ohcyt Panamarans. Although they are mentioned throughout the series, they are introduced as characters rather suddenly in the last five pages of Book 13. This is generally considered an ill-fated effort to extend the franchise.

Steeped in legend and mystery, Yar is known among the various races of the lands as "The Foggy Mirror", "Acips Giminimous" and "Ruckwort Dakwuf".

Legend holds that Yar burst from his mother's womb two months premature, swathed in a cloak of flame, with the body of a five year old and the leer of an unpleasantly-minded sixty year old. He is said to have been born precisely at The Longest Moment. His mother apparently did not survive the delivery.

Interestingly, it seems that the cause for Yar's strange method of entering the world was actually a spell cast by Yar himself at that exact moment (though some 30 years later in Yar-time). For Yar would later become the first in Battal to be well-learned in the arts both of timesorc'ley and telesorc'ley. He then used and travel back in time to The Longest Moment where he cleverly planted The Enchanted Enchanter's Hat of Enchanted Enchanting upon a dwarf's head and arranged for it to be struck by Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer, thus opening a portal to Minuschitae. Travelling through this portal, Yar lived the equivalent of several lifetimes and gained much of his power while in the tiny kingdom. It was an enchantment which Yar cast upon Ronard's hammer (thenceforth Ronard's Very Large Enchanted Spikey Hammer) which re-opened the portal between Battal and Minuschitae and sent powerful ripples throughout both timenes and spacenes, triggering Yar's own birth. (For more information on just exactly how this sort of thing works, please contact the Chronoclave). The portal to Battal opened and The Minupalypse well on its way to completion, Yar made good his escape along with Vaxin the Tiny, the only native of Minuschitae to survive. While they had been friends during their time together there, once in Battal Yar revealed that it had been his actions that caused the catastrophe in the first place and the two became mortal enemies.

Yar is credited with manufacturing the ur-justification for all of the Spica Wars that continuously wracked the Kingdoms. The ur-justification involved the production of a temporal reflexarglamour by which it appeared that whichever spica-rich Kingdom the aggressor cared to invade was itself preparing to attack. He would invade and plunder great treasures from the kingdom, and through the use of telesorcellation, he would portgate unknowably vast quantities of treasure to his treasure stronghold island on the far side of the world. During this period several groups attempted to battle Yar, but to no avail. Of particular note is the Albrosian Alliance, led by Rothgar of the Hundred Titles and Vaxin the Tiny who at this point had gathered a large force to oppose her former friend. The Alliance proved a significant foe until 9519 when Yar slew both Rothgar and Vaxin in hand to hand combat.

It was by a reversal of a temporal reflexarglamour that Yar induced Zonard, otherwise a peaceful but foolish prince, to battle. The cataclysmic battle which lead to the Sundering (See: Eldritch Rift) was of a duration that "extended beyond the farthest, epic reaches of time", although the conflict is also said to have "ended in the moment immediately preceding the moment in which it began." This has been generally attributed to the dual existence of the Hierarchs as forgers of the Starborn Gem and as a eulithian resonance vector (Brahe;9 134) of the Elemenstors themselves flung back into the past.

After causing the Sundering, Yar the Sorcerial alledgedly was called out by Verdant Anuerism, who defeated him in a great battle that was said to have been largely fought in the no-place in between the seperated fragments of the world. Verdant was successful in defeating Yar, and cast him into empty void, but Yar returning is a frequent sub-plot in various stories, so his ultimate fate is difficult to decide.

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