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Wizbits: Elemenstor High

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For characters from the Wizbits Cartoon, please see Wizbits: Elemenstor High Characters.
For general fandom information, please see Wizbits: Elemenstor High Shipping.

Wizbits: Elemenstor High

Imagine a world where the god-king Tycho Brahe, from atop his wondrous palace of chocolate and gold, showers the world with the magic of his mind... a world where L H Franzibald has been torn apart by ravenous Murpelts and arcane powers infuse the landscape.

Can you imagine such a world? A world where love is more passionate, friendship more eternal, life more glamorous?

Come with me now... to the world of the Wizbits.

--Wizbits: Elemenstor High Opening Credits Voiceover

A live-action spinoff of The Wizbits Cartoon, particularly inspired by the special episode The Wizbits do Canada, eh. Set on Earth B, a version of our own Earth that has modern-day technology and sensibilities, but also contains many of the aspects of Battal.

It primarily takes place in the Canadian Citadel, an alternate version of the Cerulean Citadel which exists in modern-day Canada, where teenage Elemenstors in training learn how to use their powers, as well as more mundane subjects like history, science, and literature. It draws heavily from Harry Potter and Smallville, in that aside from Epic adventures, the main characters also deal with average teenage problems such as dating, sex, drugs, child-abuse, date rape, bullying, and popularity.

The show promises to deal with controversial subjects such as teen pregnancy, abortion, masturbation, and homosexuality. This means it has absolutely no chance of being seen in America, but several Canadian fan-sources have promised to record the episodes and allow American fans to download them. The pilot episode has already aired in Canada, with the complete series run scheduled to begin in early October 2006, although network executives are thinking of pushing the schedule up due to positive response to the pilot.

Production Information

It is a joint production between Fox Networks and Maple Leaf Productions, a company who previously produced award-winning dramas for children. It is extremely notable for being a live-action show about teenagers that actually employs teenage actors in the roles, with the result being that the high school students in the show don't appear to be in their mid-30's. Each episode runs for about 40 minutes without commercials and generally has one main plot that takes up the bulk of the episode, as well as two to three secondary stories that may or may not be interconnected.

Although it uses the Wizbits name, the characters are only tangenitally inspired by the Wizbits, rather than direct relations of any sort. This is most strikingly evident in that the four main characters attend the Citadel rather than founding it.

Alphonse Reliquary is listed as "Executive Producer" but it is not known how much involvement he has with the show.

The Scifi Magazine Interview

Recently Scifi Magazine (the official magazine of the scifi channel) interviewed the Producer of W:EH, Brahm Singer. In the interview he revealed some very interesting things about the upcoming season. Here are a few excerpts.

SF: What can long time fans of the franchise expect to see that they'll get really excited about?

BS: By the end of the season, Henry Kinlo will have taken a path to a very place and ultimately he'll be resurrecting a major villain from ELotH:TES canon. I can't say who right now, but fans in the know can probably guess.

SF: We heard rumors that you've already started writing out certain characters out of the show. What's the story there?

BS: We've decided to really make you care about the characters, and feel like this world really can be dangerous with real consequences. Starting about half way through the season we're going to start letting characters get killed. Could be a student, could be a teacher. Either a major character or a minor one. You just won't know who its going to be or how their going to go, but letting this happen will really make the dangerous situations our heroes get into have some weight.

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