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Wizbits: Elemenstor High Characters

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Wizbits: Elemenstor High Characters

Main Characters

Character Name Actor Description
Victor Polo Earth Elemenstor, guitar player, semi-popular drama geek, closet homosexual. Spends too much time online on wikis and messageboards about fantasy franchises. Has a large hat collection.
Summer Brookes Ashley-Kate Rucksben Air Elemenstor, popular girl, rich fashion queen, captain of the cheerleading squad. In reality, she has a nice personality and a fetish for geeks that she tries to hide from other people. Enjoys boating and visting the beach in her spare time.
Cameron 'Sparks' Kent Fire Elemenstor, class clown, bad boy with heart of gold, basketball star. Suffers from ADHD and is prone to creating small fireballs when bored - hence his nickname. Voted "Most Popular" in the school yearbook. Has a rivalry with Yelp that amounts to him beating Yelp at everything.
Melissa Leech Water Elemenstor, kleptomaniac, alcoholic, class slut, damaged emo girl. Does crazy crap to get attention and piss off her parents. Problably cuts herself and posts about it on LiveJournal. Secretly likes classical music and playing the tuba.

Major and Recurring Characters

Other Students

Character Name Description
Alvin 'Yelp' Woijchek Class geek, target of much bullying, aspiring comic book artist. Constantly worries about his "endowments" in the lockeroom.
Brian Fox Positive token African American role-model, rich boy, time traveler, Sparks' best friend, and basketball team captain.
Laurie Kervin Bad-girl, drug addict, school newspaper editor. Changes cliques every time she takes drugs.
Rahne 'Moonchild' Bux Hippie girl, idealist, moral crusader, and total nutjob.
Lucas Goldman Computer geek, total spazz conspiracy theorist, Yelp's only friend. Claims to be a Heart Elemenstor, but no one believes him.
Henry Kinlo Spoiled rich kid. Grew up across the street from Summer Brookes. Hates Victor, Summer, Cameron, and Melissa.
Pez Ice Elemenstor prodigy and foreign exchange student from Antarctica. Real name unpronuncible, his nickname stands for "penguin exchange student". Known to be a big ladies' man.

Faculty of Canadian Citadel

Principal Harietta Portent The kindly elderly principal of Elemenstor High. She is always encouraging the students to "grow into themselves."
Vice Principal Richard Radish A middle-aged money-grubbing schemer who belives in ruling through fear and increasing security against the "unruly" students.
Mr Mushi Ma Unfriendly Asian trigonometry and geometry teacher who wants to fail everyone he comes across.
Professor Albert Cortex Tall, thin, sarcastic but well-meaning chemistry, Elementics, and physics teacher. Secretly prefers science over Elemanifestation and is always dissapointed to learn his magical students don't care about it.
Dr Ronald Bogyn A short (half dwarf on his mom's side) but eager and friendly naturalist and biology teacher. Likes to bring living specimens to class, which often ends in tragedy for either the students or the specimen. Caretaker for the school's Rawk Hawk flock.
Ms Hattie Serafina A young, buxom, and bubbly drama instructor and acting coach. Her figure is the main draw for heterosexual males to get interested in drama. Almost had a movie career at one point.
Mrs Toby Rickett A bitter, man-hating, feminist, who teaches literature and English. Likes to fail and torture anything with a penis.
Mr Anthony Shezor A brooding, enraged, history teacher long ago driven mad by trying to teach the history of a world were the future can affect the past. Suffers high-levels of stress and has had three heart-attacks so far. Goes into spasms when he hears the word "retcon".
Mrs Crystal Crown Art and botany teacher and former hippie, the mellowest instructor in the school. A sensitive "new ager" from Jamaica. Likes to dance nude in the light of the fullmoon and talk about chakras.
Ms Stephanie Temptress Omnisexual dominatrix who landed the sex education and health teacher position. Has hit on everything in the school, usually successfully. Hasn't been fired because everyone's "satisfied" with her "teaching methods".
Mr Rico Troughberry Boisterous boy's coach obsessed with re-living his own highschool glory days through his pupils. Thinks shouting, insults, and slaps on the ass are steps to greatness. Thinks that time should have stopped in the 1970s. Also teaches algebra, poorly.
Mrs Dawn Sepathok A slightly plump and kindly Introductory Elemenstation and sorcery teacher, usually tries to cheer up everybody she comes across.
Mr Tinkle Frostingdeath Timid, short, underachieving General Low Elemenstation teacher, also teaches "Special Education" for remedial or disabled students. Has been bullied by Coach Troughberry since they were students at the Canadian Citadel.
Mrs Anya Annkha Exoticly foreign and talented teacher of General Lesser Elemenstation, home economics, and Culimancy. Is the only person on Earth B able to cook Negative Calorie Cookies, which make you thinner the more you eat. Has a generic accent nobody can place, and that changes from day to day.
Ms Jean Prongs Acclaimed General High Elemenstation and social science instructor, former goth rocker. She has tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to put her old hedonistic life behind her. Collects paperclips.
Mr Toobanor Beaubier Water Elemenstation instructor and school guidance councilor from Quebec known for his high levels of fancy. A former fashion model and performer who ended up having to change his careers thanks to his love of cheese.
Mr Gilbert Fartfire Fire Elemenstation instructor and shop teacher. Formerly a demolition expert, he constantly chides students for fooling around in his classes, but secretly likes to destroy anything disposable with pyrotecnics in his spare time.
Mr Harvey Olderndirt Earth Elemenstation instructor, proudly misognystic, racist, and undead. Manages to somehow offend everyone he meets in one way or another.
Mrs Alice Alomba Air Elemenstation instructor and Economics teacher. Suffers from multiple personality disorder since the death of her husband in an aeroplane accident. Her cat familiar, Nyromi is the only one who can calm her down.
Mrs Yuri Fulgonsta Death Elemenstation instructor and computer teacher. A former KGB spy living under an assumed name. Still likes to pretend soviet Russia still exists.
Dr Edwin Girth Stream Elemenstation instructor and driver's ed teacher. Likes bribes, anything expensive, and indulging himself as much as possible. Often blackmails students that go on to be successful with photos of their most embaressing high school moments.
Ms Shaochung Xarandon Life Elemenstation instructor and girl's coach. Former real estate agent. Aggressive at everything she does, especially collecting plush toys.
Mrs Carrie King Carry Elemenstation instructor originally from Texas, also teaches Spanish, although she's really terrible at it. Known for her down-home conservatism and not being able to recognize that she sucks at something.
Janitor Keith Bogg Obviously hates the students.

Parents and Family

Minor Characters

Mel Jingle A student at the Canadian Citadel, on the Lacross Team and a fierce competitor. She is shown up by Summer Brookes in ep. 4, Comfort Zone, when Summer joins the Lacross team (just for that episode)
Freddy and Quiet Tom Two wise-cracking student Herbalists that sit around hitting on women and trying to peddle their wares.
Professor Timothy Powers Founder of the Canadian Citadel and only present in flashbacks or as a ghost.

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