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One of the most important but overlooked professions on Battal is the Witch. Every town, village, or community in Battal has their own witch. That one eccentric woman in the shawl at the back of the room in the tavern that nobody tries to make eye contact with. That weird woman down the street who babbles about "crystals" and the "phases of the moon". Or you know, that crazy old bat flying over the town square on a broomstick. That's a good indication she might be dipping into the witch pot, eh?

Witches are magical practitioners who primarily specialize in the brewing of potions for various remedies and magical effects. They have a great deal of knowledge of which ingredients to use and where to find them. With preparation, they can create anything from a simple aphrodesiac to an invisibility potion or a "Hurricane in a Bottle".

Aside from potions, witches don't have very many powers. There are some who dabble in sorcery, but most see that as betraying their witchy natures.

Although it is often claimed that they can lay curses on some people, this is actually a manifestation of their other primary power: The Look. Perhaps the most devastating and frightening thing in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, there are male witches. They do tend to be a tad on the fancy side, if you catch the drift, though.

Also, witches do not ride broomsticks, specifically. This is a common misconception. They can fly via any piece of wood that they sprinkle some "Winged Elm Elixir" upon. Broomsticks just happen to be the most handy.

They are big fans of Knitting and often are found to Mutter Ominously, an ELotH:TES lore tradition dating back to the introduction of the Banjo of StromGaaaard (Card).

Notable Witches

Bovina of Leng

Madame Le Dufrench

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