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Wings of a CENRA

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Wings of a CENRA

Wings of a CENRA (Central Evil Non-Righteous Asshole) is a Life gear that makes the striker grow a big pair of bat wings. The other more obvious incarnation of this gear allows the striker to grow a pair of normal Celestial Entities of No Religious Affiliation (CENRAs) wings. Since both gears are named the same thing this leads many strikers to mistakenly strike the wrong one, causing those that see them to get the wrong idea about the striker. One of the more famous instances of this got Lady B'gt'ts accused of being a Buxom Succubi of Darkrend Mountain. This caused the Falchion Faction to be run out of New Capitol City, even though Dommelham Gentral pointed out several differences between her and the Buxom Succubi of Darkrend Mountain that he knew.

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