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Wet Foot

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Wet Foot Ninja Clan

The Wet Foot clan of Ninja (ninjas?) were a prominent and feared power at the height of the Wang Kingdom era. In addition to being effective assassins whose training was handed down from the schools of the grand masters who slew most of the children of High Superintendent Robins, the Wet Foot (Wet Feet?) were masters of Ninjaball. Their base of operations was hidden somewhere on Otoomo island.

When not playing Ninjaball, robbing cradles, or poisoning magistrates, the Wet Foot (Wet Foots?) spent most of their time battling Octads, Zi Long's Crew, and other colorful denizens of the Coast of Exotic Adventure.

It is believed that after the Wandering Age drew to a close, some of the Wet Foot clan left their island to seek better employment and eventually made the payroll of King Zonard, where they had the pleasure of personally manhandling Rothgar of the Hundred Titles.

Most of the clan remained on the island, however, where they were visited by the Glaivemistress of Arvalyyon in Book 13. The war between the pirates and ninjas (ninja?) was still going on, and the inhabitants of the island seemed be unaware that the Wandering Age had ended more than 20,000 years before. The Wet Foot clan (Moist Foot clan?) plays a small but important role in The Scrolltube Sword, the first book in The Wandering Age Series. They also appear "by the millions" to participate in the Great Elemenstation War in Dinner with a Shelf, the final book of the Scourges Pentadecaphron, in an attempt to assist a reputed "former ninja" (!?!?) trained in their school, the Scourge known only as "X" (main character of Chaos Resplendent: a Time for Blood). Most fans disregard this portrayal as utter nonsense. Die-hard fanatics who accept the company line that all of ElemenstorLance is canon try to explain the hyperbole away as a "literary device not meant to be taken literally" since even one Ninja (ninjum?) can seem like millions to lesser beings.

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