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Weights and Measures

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Weights and Measures


The Elemenstor universe uses as its base measure of weight the elem. One elem weighs approximately 3/4 of a gram. From here, things get... complicated, as the system was based on both the imperial and the metric system, as well as the frankly nonsensical ramblings of a small man Tycho Brahe once met in a bus station.

1 maas = 1 7/8 elems (Adjusted in 1956 by 1/8 of an elem to account for 5th column elements)(it has also been suggested by the Life Elemenstor Eulith that a maas might be more accurately described as 1.8(727272etc.) elems)

1 draughty = 10 maas

1 toss = 16 draughties

1 rotary tiller = 12 tosses

In The Sickle they use the Guybarkley (mainly for measuring the weight of produce) which is about the weight of a typical soldier.

There are also weights used to measure the amount of alcohol drunken by a single person, called Banjs and blanj. (Mention of this measurement will cause Dwarves to burst into uncontrollable laughter)


1 ploisnu = 1.3 miles (2.09 kilometers). Certain people insist that a ploisnu is much closer to 1.296 miles (2.085 km) but the evidence is apocryphal at best, stemming primarily from Book 5 and possible mistranslations from the Japanese series.

1 clospecscions = 100ft. The term is only used in the plural form at all times.

1 squith = a tiny bit short of a third of an inch (there are about 37 squith to an English foot). This is a Khith measurement. Abbreviated by the ! character.

1 hoofand = the width of the span of a hand plus the height of a hoof. This, combined with the smaller squith, is the typical measure used throughout Battal to express a person's height. Abbreviated by the % character. A typical height for a man is about 5%2!, where as a woman is only about 4%18!

1 gesundheit = the distance between Harbinger Portent's nose (left nostril) and handkerchief when sneezing.

1 elementric = the shaft length of High-Master Pudenda's elemenstorially gigantised dong.

Time and the Measurement Thereof

Also see: Astrolonomy.

A macrosecond is equal to ten seconds.

A yearicle is a period of years that decreases as its unit is used. It counts down from 30 by 2 each time (cumulatively) and then added together. It's quite simple, here's an example:

ie. "Three yearicles ago," means 84 years ago. (30) + (30-2) + (28-2) = 30 + 28 + 26. = 84.

An Eonicle is 15 or 16 yearicles long (240 years) and is thought to be either extremely lucky, or extremely cursed.

A Miracle Yearicle is 31 yearicles and represents no time at all, but rather an indication of a reflection of the current exact moment.

A yearicle and three years is a common poetic term for a Battal Cycle.

An Elim is an esoteric measure of time, space and mood, and is the source of the scholarly name for Mount Wor, Mont Elim.

A Martrank is a measurement of time which is rather long, but only may be used in a discussion where the context would imply that it is rather short.

A liftime is a very useful measure of time that came into use with work-in-the-mud-peasants and other "uneducated folk". A liftime is equal to exactly how old you are.

ie. "I am 1 liftime old, how about yourself?" "Amazing! I, too, am 1 liftime old! Let's go harvest mud together!"

Misc Units of Measurement

see also: Minuschitian Measures

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