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W'lly W'st

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elothtes :: W'lly W'st (full)
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W'lly W'st

Furniliar: Terry Allen the Trunk

b. 20,000

d. Not Applicable

The first known Wizzard of Battal, who was struck by a bolt of lightning when he was a child. This did not imbue him with superpowers, but it soon convinced him that the world was a total bastard and it could try to kill you at any moment. As W'st grew, he set his sights upon becoming a Wiffle, like his childhood hero, a local Elemenstor of little account named Terry Allen. Unfortunately, W'st lacked the Knack. Then he considered becoming a Sorcerer, but couldn't even manage to pull that off. He wasn't Immortal, so he couldn't be a Wizard, He tried becoming a Whizzard, but flunked out of the correspondance course.

Finally, he doggedly decided to insist that he was indeed a Whizzard, but forgot the "h" when he was sewing his robes, and branded himself forever. He was also recognized by his pointed hat, upon which he had sewn yellow floppy fabric wings under the mistaken idea "it makes me look eldrich".

Through a series of misadventures, he managed to procure an incredibly loyal and slightly psychotic Furniliar he named Terry Allen, after his boyhood hero.

In his 30s, he tried to use his fake magical prowess to fight in the Great Elemenstation War. The Epic carnage he witnessed on the battleground frightened him so much, that he pretty much never stopped running away from then on. He ran far and wide, from hill and dale. People could tell he'd been by because they'd seen a vaugely human-shaped gust of wind go screaming by, soiling itself - followed shortly by a gallumping Steamer Trunk. He soon became known as "The Blur" in some circles.

Unfortunately, bad luck would haunt the career of W'lly "The Blur" W'st. He soon faced another rival Wizzard with similar powers known as Professor Zoomenstein, as well as other rogues like We-Ti Wilbur, Captain Chakram, Rearview Mirror, and The Jokester. All of which he ran away from, and all of which pursued him with murder on their minds for some unfathomable reason.

And he kept on running away from it. Eventually he developed this into a metaphysical technique, giving him the ability to become invisible by running away from light, and to actually become Immortal by finding a secret way to run away from Death itself. His terror had granted him the powers he had wanted all along, but at the price of his sanity.

Despite his constant running, he never seemed to be in good health.

W'lly W'st, thanks to his special Run Away from Death technique, made cameo appearences in every book of the The Elemenstor Cycle, with his origins and purpose finally being revealed in Book 5. W'st usually appears running towards and then away from the protagonist, fleeing from some upcoming terror and heralding the beginning of an Action Sequence. It became a popular game for fans to read about his facial expressions and then try to guess as to what upcoming threat was on the way, which was named Where's W'lly by somebody who thought they were funny.

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