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Voyage of the Bagel

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Voyage of the Bagel

The earliest known record of citizens of The Shield or The Sickle visiting Zonardia since it took to the air. It was a biological expedition headed by Chelwurst Damarywyn and Dawinesque. Also accompanying them was (regretably) Ephram P Grifflin. What they would see would change their lives forever, and inspired the Theory In Which A Creature May Or May Not Become Another and The Origin of the Monsters

The Bagel was an average ship, and the means of reaching Zonardia were quite unorthodox. It involved having twenty Fire Elemenstors crouch under the Bagel, pointing in the general direction of Zonardia, and simultaneously strike the Gear, Red Comet. None of the Elemenstors survived the launch, and quite a bit of the ship's crew was killed upon the landing, but amazingly, it worked.

The day of the landing itself is commemorated by Bagel Day.

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