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Vice Principal Richard Radish

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Vice Principal Richard Radish

The only reason Principal Portent keeps this guy around is because he's great at navigating the rough waters of bureaucracy that is required at any government institution. Vice Principal Radish is also very punctual, does most of the school's paperwork, and keeps most of the faculty in line. His use of Timenes Elemenstation also comes in handy for whenever there's a timesorc'ley crisis in the area. Usually he just uses his Chronomenstor powers to get extra paperwork done.

That, however, is where his good attributes end. Vice Principal Radish hates children, and possibly everything else as well. He longs for the day Principal Portent retires so that he can have absolute power over the school. Vice Principal Radish is constantly looking for ways to cut corners in the school budget, or otherwise raise money. Radish is also obsessed with making the school look good so that it might make him look better in turn.

Radish is also a paranoid megalomaniac, constantly trying to retain his power while suspecting the rest of the faculty, and even the students, of trying to unsurp him. If he ever decided to retire from the educational system, he'd make an excellent dictator for some small South Battallian country. He considers his only friends at the school Mr Ma and Janitor Bogg, who are his eyes and ears, through which he can observe all potential wrongdoings within the walls of the Canadian Citadel. There are few things Radish loves more than despensing punishments.

Vice Principal Radish also encourages bullying, and regards it as "school spirit." Most of the students would disagree, aside from the bullies.

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