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Carmina Reichguard Delilah Allsins Vanthoth

"My dear, we seem to have reached an impasse. I'm torn between asking you what angle you'd like to be halved at, and just spearing you through the brain. Choose quickly, or I'll decide for you."

The sultry villianess of Final Furniture VII, Carmina Reichguard Delilah Allsins Vanthoth--or simply Vanthoth--was a powerful Vampyre warrior and Elemenstor. Despite being a vampyre, she had extremely dark skin and short black hair; clad in flowing white clothes and bearing an understated but deadly handaxe as her weapon, she cut an intimidating figure, especially when clashed with the tacky design for Fogg Struggl.

While unpopular due to being associated with a disliked-by-the-community game, Vanthoth is known as one of the most dangerously competent villians, as she used the heroes' own glaring character (and disease-based) faults against them, permanently killed a member of Struggl's team (Bumbly the Peep) in one strike, and nearly won the Vampyric Wars with her deadly war machine, METAPHOR. She is also highly popular in some Yuri (a.k.a. femmeslash, a.k.a. fake girls doing it with other fake girls) circles for her masculine attitude and appearance.

Little official merchandise of Vantoth exists due to Cubesoft's unceremonious death. It is rumored she may feature in the new Final Furniture game, although it's equally likely this is fans wishing as hard as they can.

Vantoth made a pleasant surprise cameo in Wizbit Hearts, as a secret boss, and the most difficult enemy in the game. Unfortunately, she was voiced by forgotten girlband member, "Baby Spice", causing much anger amongst the fandom.


by Jute Mill

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