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Unlight's Eternal Decay

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elothtes :: Unlight's Eternal Decay (full)
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Unlight's Eternal Decay

This bassal Unlight gear was created by Dark Lord Prik'd after being turned into a Vampyre. This devastating gear supernaturally speeds up decay processes and also saps all the light from an area depending on the strength of the Elemenstor striking the gear. Not only does it speed up natural decay but immortals undergo this decay as well which, while it does not kill them, will utterly disintegrate their very being in a horribly agonizing process. The decay happens rapidly over a period of 10 minutes such that all mortals will have turned to dust by the time the gear is done and all immortals will be in blinding pain. This gear will also cause inanimate objects to decay as well (but has no effect on animate objects).

This gear was first used in the Unlight War against the Mean Elves who with their army of Folded Paper Armor Knights were decimated by this dark gear. Not many people have mastered the use of this epic gear. One of note is Verix the Thrice-Damned who had learned the gear from Phgoorikus and was going to attempt to resurrect his fallen dark master using a descendant of Lord B'gh'd, Lady B'gt'ts. However, this bid was put to stop by the epic hero, Welregar of Ebonshire.

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