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Undarhwhom, the sword constructed entirely of cold-forged irony

Ironically, the Undarhwhom is a blade of pure Irony, and the 101st of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Ironically created by Forge-King Gragnakas in the hope that it would be able to slay Selent the Cedricellian, who had kidnapped his family. Ironically, Selent was not as smart as he thought himself, and believed the normal sword that Gragnakas hid in the pile as a decoy to be the actual Undarhwhom itself.

Ironically, because Gragnakas had kept the real blade, Sepathok had to slay him and his family to retrieve it.

Ironically, it is customary to say "Ironic, eh?" every time the sword kills someone, whether or not it is actually ironic.

Ironically, very little about the sword is ironic, save its name and Sepathok's forced murder. Its only known weaknesses are rain and use on a wedding day.

Ironically, at some point, it was buried under Shezdor's house. Shezdor never knew about that.

Ironically, many of the above statements are not actually ironic.

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