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Ulythyan, Lord of the Low Sky




  • Men
  • Recklessness
  • Chaos
  • Low Sky

Other Names

  • Friend of Men
  • Scorn of Furniture
  • Harbinger of Chaos
  • The Reckless One

Known Relations

  • None


Riding atop a nameless gleaming white beast wearing a garment woven from ringlets of carved bone, wood, and smooth stone and weilding a mighty spear, the Hierarch Ulythyan brought gifts to man and as great suffering to Furniture.

Referenced at least 26 times in the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor, it is from these references we gather that his unauthorized actions and unstablizing disruption of the "natural order" lead to his castration by Kalechio, resulting in the formation of the two Bright Moons of Battal. This in turn lead to The Ritual of Brain'age which may have been bestowed on men by Ulythyan as a way to get back at Kalechio for chopping of his balls. This also in turn led to the Army of Himssford and The Great Crossing Whilst Looking at Scenery.

Unfortunately not much more is known about Ulythyan or the worship of him. It seems that Ulythyan dropped out of influence after his balls were chopped off. Much speculation exists on what exactly happened to him and what his side of the story would be.


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