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To-Do List

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This page exists so that people can request assistance in dealing with different issues that they notice when they lack the time or resources to do it themselves.

To-Do Lists

Help Wanted If you are developing the research on a given topic, and need some help, put it here. If you are looking for an area that needs help developing, look here to find people who need it.
Remember that One Thing If you have a vague recollection of something that you enjoyed from the series, but no one has done anything on it yet, put it here. If you are looking to strike out and do the original research on a topic, look here to find people who need that.
Contradictions If you spot a contradiction that needs to be resolved, put it here. If you want to address contradictions in the wiki, go here to find them.
Wiki Structure To-Do If you see technical or design improvements that need to be made to the wiki overall, go here. If you're into that sort of thing, go here to deal with it.
Disputed Pages This is a well-organized page in its own right. You can go there and see how it is set up.
Broken Links, Dead Ends, Missing Backto, Misspellings, Most Wanted, Orphan Pages, List of Stubs A set of automatically generated utility pages which help us know where work is needed.

The Old To-Do List

Here is the old list. I'm leaving it here for a while so that people can work off of the recent requests while transitioning to the new list dan.heck
First on the To-Do List should be to rework this page! What a mess! -Tim
I'm digging through my material, but having a hard-time finding the post-Verdant-retcon birthdate for Sepathok. Does anybody have it? --b.fox
Could someone have a look at The Roig Syndrome and the Tale of Book Nine? I find it to be of extremely dubious value. It is inconsistent with enough of the Real World Timeline to cast doubts on its validity as it is. Moreover, and this is a matter of personal opinion I admit, I feel the article is in EXTREMELY poor taste.
That's one of the simplest parts of the game! Elements and non-elements work as modifiers and reverse-modifiers to characters, familiars, furniliars, creatures or weapons (most of which also work as modifiers and reverse-modifiers to themselves and at least some of above), aside from when seceded and/or in night stages (you can tell which from the tone). Most of this doesn't include Bronze cards, obviously. Elements are very important in the damage pillar and Elements and Non-elements are used in conjunction when playing a pillar cascade gambit. Non-elements are also particularly useful for defense when used in conjunction with a furnilar during a day stage, for example. -Xaphod
Just wondering if someone could tell us what the diffirence between elements, non-elements, and character cards on the CCG page. -Tsurmon
I've cleared up the CCG section, though someone might want to split the table up to seperate The Original Sets from the re-releases. The Original Sets would likely want to link to the articles of their own, though I'm not sure. I was looking at the official WebCCG site and it doesn't mention the releases prior to 1996 either. I think the new publisher is trying to edit Holhik and Krakins out of the history of the whole franchise (hate to use that word but it's how they think of it.) I can imagine them not wanting kids realising the whole thing was started by a couple of animal killers, but still. - Xaphod
There should be a lot more on the Merchandise page. It seems like the cartoon was introducing new toys every other minute, didn't it? Remember when Toys R Us had that whole Wizbits aisle? The toys don't all have to have pages, but the merch page seems like it could be a lot more comprehensive than it is now. - Montykins
I'm a little confused as to who was contracted to adapt the Japanese cartoon for America, United Dildonics, GDD, or James Langomedes. It's even stated that GDD owned the rights to the cartoon somehow. Can anyone clear this up?
All right, as far as I can tell, the story went like this: GDD owned the rights. They contracted James Langomedes to adapt the cartoon for the U.S. He hired the animation studio United Dildonics to do the new animation under his direction. Sources are a little unclear, I agree. -toshi.m
The breadcrumb from the saga timeline page disappeared, so I fixed it. Also put up a page collecting some of the theories and debate that swirl around the two Cardboard Tubes, the Parchment Cylinder, and the CTS. --b.fox
The CCG section is missing the Original Sets cards prior to the 1996 re-release. I don't have all the information here, but I added a note to the main CCG section and will try and sort it when I get home. I do remember the Original Core Set had 226 cards compared with the re-release edition's 315 (including Gangster Octopus) All the expansions on the list up till Seven Staves were originally released pre-1996 with a fair few less cards and some different art (no pics from the cartoon, obviously). I think Seven Staves was released in late '94 the first time round. - Xaphod
Wouldn't mind some help fleshing out the early history of The Hierarchy, including the descriptions of each of The Four Vales, the details on the four Most Discerning Races, and the pursuant story of Gespechio. There's already a skeleton here, but some meat on it wouldn't be bad. Dan.heck
Filled out the section on the Hierarch Wars, tried to condense all the material on Books 10,11,and 12. Probably several continuity errors in there - lots of different people's entries to make coherent sense of. Still needs some work - does anyone have their copies handy? - Z
I see now, that one is a re-forging of the other. But the Cardboard Tube was created during the Magic Sword Kings era, but that is the same time period that the later Tube weapon was forged. Maybe you could add a little bit more of how or when the later tube was created? Or maybe speculate on the nature of the Parchment Cylinder's role? It just seems like things could be a little more concise. Thanks! -CJ
To CJ- Oops. That bit with the Cardboard Tube Samurai was me. As I understand it, it does not contradict canon; the original Cardboard Tube and The Cardboard Tube of Unusual Sharpness and Popularity are clearly designated as different weapons, the second being a recast version of the first. Seeing as how The Cardboard Tube of Unusual Sharpness and Popularity does not specifically name the wielder of the original Cardboard Tube, I saw fit to make it the Cardboard Tube Samurai. It seems correct, unless I'm missing something in there. Could you specify the exact contradictions this all creates?
I have recently come into something interesting regarding the unpublished drafts of more adult fare, some collected under the psuedonym Hankstrong Anonymous entitled, Titillating Tales Of The Wizbits, intended as a more adult accompanyment to the Wizbits Extreme TV series. I found an old copy, lying around some anonymous FTP somewhere (mislabeled as The Temptations of the Bix the End Table, and other tales.PDF, oddly enough. Since then this server has been shut down, but I can upload the file if you wish
New info regarding two of my favorite non-canon works : The Scolding of Persephalous and Simon the Severe. Finally found a copy of Wasted L's CD, "Elemenstor, Bloody Elemenstor"! All the info is going up tonight! - Finn34

Old To-Do List Archive



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