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Title Bestower

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Title Bestower

Do basically what you'd imagine. The first Title Bestowers worked under the charge of Botard the Great and Judicious and Such durring the early Magic Sword Kings Period. The Title Bestowers usually give people thier titles once the become notable or after their death. However they have been known to use a form of divination to (somewhat) accurately betitle people at birth. It is belived that they had a particular dislike of Martha the Frigid and a strong fondness for The Warrior Formerly Known as Rothgar of the 72 Titles.

While some underestimate their importance, Battal simply could not survive without them. Few people in Battal have more than one name and usually that one name is unmemorable or difficult to spell/pronounce. In the case of uneventful people meaningless titles are made up such as: Hunter of the western star, the ceramic fish, or the behatted. No two living people can share the same title.

Those who have naught but the dregs of the leftover titles (or, worse still, no title at all) are prone to the dreaded condition of Titlousy. The condition is said to reach it's peak once every generation, during which the mortality rate for Title Bestowers becomes astronomical.

Some title bestowers pick up extra cash or seek variety by doing side work as an item namer. This previously unregulated field became more costly, time consuming, and beauracratic with the creation of Genar the Coprophage's Law 76.

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