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time gas

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Time Gas

Time gas, despite its name, and the general career of the practitioners of the art which specializes in practicing the manifestation and manipulation of said gas, has actually no manipulation of time involved. In reality, it simply places any person who finds themself completely enveloped in a cloud of it into a temporary sleep. The sleep usually lasts only as long as it takes for the cloud to dissipate into the surrounding air. This technique is used mostly by mischievous young chronosorcellors who wish to de-pants the effected person, take lewd and incriminating photos of them, or, though it is looked down upon in most every circle, steal their hat.

It is rumored that the highest order of chronosorcellors may actually be able to use time gas for more destructive means, such as actually slowing or speeding up the passage of time within the cloud, but thusfar these are mere speculation. This theory is given backing with the basis that the gas has never been documented as being conjured anywhere but in the open air, and would thus be much less potent than it would in an enclosed space.

Most time gas appears as a bluish-purplish cloud, thick enough to only see shadows of objects in it or on the other side of it. Grakthar the lesser was well known for using a greenish-purplish cloud of time gas on A'ggadorac of the Tewdnal highlands in their epic battle for possession of the Twin Staves of Various Sundry of Magicks and Assorted Arcane Lore.

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