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Theoric's Laws

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Theoric's Laws

Created by Theoric the Eversnide, Theoric's Laws are a set of laws he claimed would ensure social stability. Anyone else would tell you they were just created so Theoric could practice his penmanship. The Elemenstoring Police were formed to enforce these laws.

The laws:

  • Theoric the Eversnide is the smartest smartass ever. No one may try to outdo him.
  • For that matter, no one may outdo Theoric in anything.
  • The Staff of the High Augur is Theoric's. No one may do anything towards gaining possession of it.
  • No one may practice Elemenstation on the 37th day of each month. (see: Calendar)


I am not familiar with the entire body of Theoric's Laws. Perhaps someone else can fill in the rest.

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