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The War Men's Day Off!

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Japanese Version

The War Men's Day Off!

The Wizbits, Episode 208

Aired 29th October, 2000


The formula for this episode was very different from the standard fare because it focused almost entirely on the War Men Warchief Bogg, Knuckles, and Toasty who undertake an ambitious, but ill planned fishing trip. Spliced throughout the episode are brief interludes chronicalling Lander, Zula, Skip, and Penny trying to open a magic puzzlebox. It's fun and refreshing to see the War Men outside of their single minded plotting, and in particular one scene gives great insight into the interior life of Knuckles, who, it turns out, is merely unable to articulate what appears to be a fairly in depth grasp on his surroundings.

At the end of the episode it turns out to be a boot that they were struggling to land and the Wizbits kids "kick it into overgear" on the puzzle box, which opens to reveal.... a fish. Everyone stands around laughing as the camera pans up into the sky and then to black.


Doodle: We had a hard time today trying to open the puzzlebox. Sometimes even awesome dudes like me come across a tricky problem that they can't solve right away. It can be frustrating to have a problem you can't solve - at school, or at home. Remember to keep trying, and ask for help from your friends, teachers, and parents - and there will be no problem you can't solve! In our case, the puzzlebox wasn't really worth the effort... but that's not usually the case with school. Later dudes!



Cast and Crew

Written by

Jerry Chang and Hal Burton

Directed by

Cassie Bloomfeld


When this episode was aired in the US, I was a lot younger and having trouble in school. I found Doodle's moral to be so pertanent I was choking back tears. My older brother who is a cynic to this day just laughed and laughed. I still hate him. Thaanks for posting this episode!-doodlefan
I'm confused, was Doodle or Skip in this episode? Can someone clear this up?-Flink
Skip showed up once before The Return of Skip!, in this very episode. The animators made sure to imply that Skip wasn't going to vanish from the series entirely in the Japanese version of Exit, Skip!. After a while they realized Doodle was going to go over as well as a brick to the temple, so they dropped him.
Actually, I read somewhere that the animators were just confused for this one. They made this episode shortly after the decision to replace Skip and it just aired in a different order. That's why you still have Doodle at the end giving the moral.

Apparently, when they tried to communicate it to the Korean factory that was doing most of the grunt work there was a miscommunication. They were supposed to splice together bits from one of the ElamenSTAR episodes and replace Skip, but they didn't understand the second part. They just put together parts of the episode and changed the ending. That's why that scene at the end with the puzzlebox just had a fish and didn't have the portal and tentacle monster like the original Japanese version. -JimEJim
Jim is mostly correct. However, in re-watching the original Japanese episodes, the fish is in the puzzlebox--in fact, this is one of the least heavily-edited episodes there is. I believe that the tentacle monster was spliced in by The KF Group when they fansubbed this episode--one of their more daring changes. Always thought it was odd that they would take one of the most violent, sexually-charged, occult cartoons on Japanese TV and do everything they could to make it more vulgar. Ah, well. ~Kenneth Pike

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