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The Sickle

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The Sickle

By far the smallest of the two Sundered continents, and location of the Tides of Epic Conflict Saga, The Sickle is dominated by two parallel mountain ranges (The Ultracraggoths and The Smoos) that divide the continent into the Eastrenn Coast region, the Westrenn Coast region and the Long Valley between. Both ranges descend into peninsulas that extend into the southern ocean.

The seond most fertile and prosperous region of The Sickle is the Bay of Cream on the northeastern coast. The first is the Alfan plateau in the middle of Mont Skyfinger, a poorly-named valley, which runs between the Ultracraggoths and the Smoos.

Before The Unsundering, The Sickle was at first a primarily a world of eldritch treachery and epic intrigue. Apparently the knowledge of The Sundering was lost in The Sickle by the year 11,384. Rumors of a "lost continent" persisted, but such ancient history was barely believed by most of the residents. The Tides of Epic Conflict Saga takes place entirely in The Sickle during this period, and at no time is The Shield mentioned by any characters.

Following the disasterous and possibly misnamed Pax Hyacinth, the Kingdom of Alfafanar arose. Upon the arrival of the Wizard Mardrangion (the only person to discover the secrets of navigating the seas of Battal), who sold his knowledge of Alfafanar (they guarded the secret closely), Alfafanar became the only nation able to trade with the vast riches of that distant land. So Alfafanar used its riches, its great deal less intrigue, its fiscal responsibility, and its knowledge of the Shield to unofficially rule the Sickle.

The Sickle was eventually rejoined to The Shield at the culmination of The Unsundering by longtime Shield resident Harbinger Portent.

In 17,909, the Alfafnian King was performing a complicated finacial procedure which involved him temporarily selling off every army on the Sickle, just when Char Reyarteb was in his conquering period during the Century of Fire. You can probably guess what happened next.

However, after Char's defeat, Alfafanar regained it's economic political power, and rules peacefully over The Sickle once more. (As well as a large portion of the Shield)

Also, the Dellberry can only be found in the lower left corner of the mountains on this continent.

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