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The Minupalypse

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The Minupalypse

The ending times of Minuschitae. The Minupalypse had three phases: The Abhorrent Inhalation, the Excruciating Exhalation, and The End.

The Abhorrent Inhalation, lasting for 4 Kuleta, sucked many of the inhabitants of Minuschitae right out of their Kingdom. The shock of being sucked out of their universe killed the majority of the victims of this first phase. The survivors drowned in Frand Burgrove's mouth. The inhalation was followed by a long period of peace (3 Kuleta) during which Minuschitiaens thought theur ordeal was at an end.

The second phase, lasting for 6 Kuleta, involved an immensely powerful gusts of wind, destroying anything in its path. The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae explicitly describes Minuschitaens in the direct path of the Exhalation being literally blown apart, and discusses the destruction of even the tallest and strongest buildlings.

The End was the 2 Kuleta-long period during which the very fabric of the Elmether that held Minuschitae together slowly disentigrated. This released immense Elemenstorical forces which removed Minuschitae from the face of existence. It was these powers that were partially absorbed by Yar the Sorcerial, and lit him on fire as he was flung out his mother's birth canal.

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