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The Low-Elves

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The Low-Elves

One of the noble races of Elves.

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The High Speech Of The Low-Elves

The Low-Elves, or Leuw'byanz in the Arcane Elvin Language, are a race of elves who, despite their name, occupy a fairly comfortable position in society. Enjoying great success in matters of business, they are charismatic, intelligent, and very, very forgetful.

Origins of the name

It is the genuine belief of all Low-Elves that there once existed a legendary race of High-Elves, who were charismatic, intelligent, and very, very forgetful.

In fact, High Elves still exist, and are just as prevalent in Battal as Low-Elves, as they are very obviously the same race.

At some point in the long-forgotten past, a community of High-Elves broke away, settled the city of Finkfru, and simply forgot what they had previously called themselves. When a group of kingly High-Elves eventually passed through the city, the people of Finkfru took the name "Low-Elves" for themselves, out of respectful humility. The name promptly spread to other High-Elves, and before long there were two distinct factions, each of which had forgotten its relation to the other.


Low-Elves control a monopoly on the production of Dragonapple wine, due to their closely-guarded technique of Thrice-Aging.

Low-Elves are seldom employed as:

  • messengers
  • assassins
  • bards
  • chirurgeons
  • nursemaids

For those looking for genuinely "low" elves to do household tasks, the Dim Elves may be more to their liking.


The oldest Low-Elf city is Finkfru, but the capitol city is Lol'thoriun.

Societal Contributions of the Low Elves

Philosophy and invention is second nature to a Low Elf, and they are responsible for many of the advancements made by society in the past....unfortunately, they rarely remember that they have come up with anything, so members of other races can easily take advantage. There is even a guild (The ironically named Low Elf Advancement Society) set up for members of other races who become the assistants of particularly clever Low Elven philosophers and inventors and take credit for their best work.

The sad fact is that it is very difficult to discover exactly which contributions Low Elves are responsible for, unless the person who took credit was especially careless. The best example is probably the wondrous fabric "lowelfion," whose "inventor," a dwarf, forgot to change the name to "dwarfion" before selling it.

Special Note

The Low-Elves are not to be confused with the Goblins, who are sometimes referred to as Low-Elves by the less educated, or by people who have had a particularly nasty run-in with a Low-Elf of ill repute. For more on Goblins, please see the entry on Goblins.

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