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The Golden Wang

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The Golden Wang

The Golden Wang is the fourth book in The Wandering Age (ElemenstorLance Collection). It is written by Heinz Shuheputz.

This book tells of Wang Yi the Magnificent Bastard, the first of High August Jade Lotus Emperors and his battle against The Shadow Lord.

However, as most of his battles against The Shadow Lord were of a political nature and thus involved almost no action (or even romance), there was a concurrent story following the attempts (or not) of The Brotherhood of the Wardrobe to find and destroy The Dark Furniture Prince. Supposedly this adventure is a foil to the trials of Wang Yi, and many parallels can be drawn between the two, including the total ineffectiveness of both Wang Yi and The Brotherhood.

The book is also notable for describing the City of Kimono in unnecessary detail, from the lush Sumpsuckerberry bushes to the magnificant architecture to the multiple temples to Plesta Shuntoo.

The cover art for the second edition featured The Ice Princesses of Northarbor, even though the Ice Princesses never made any actual appearances in the book.

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