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The Furnishing: Live Action Roleplay

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The Furnishing: Live Action Roleplay

This was a stand-alone spinoff game from ELotH: The Furnishing, and was sold as a compact paperback manual for easy storage. The interior text was lifted nearly verbatum from the core rulebook, though the rules were streamlined for ease in live-action play; rather than pause the action and roll dice, one simply played Rock Paper Scissors a few times to see who kicked whose ass.

Amusingly, the art was different than in the core book, and entirely concerned live-action roleplayers in full costume doing full-costumey things and generaly looking hilarious. Some of the photos were mistakenly taken at a Furnie convention; those in the know took vast ammounts of lulz from the rampant shooting of davenports mistakenly scattered throughout the text.

Gameplay was somewhat awkward, as whole teams of men and the occasional chick in costume ran around the designated play area and rock-paper-scissor'd at each other for vaguely-defined plot reasons. The metaplot for the game was, sadly, based upon the best-attended of these sessions, meaning that a lot of climactic fights involved people running around flailing their weapons at each other and pausing to talk on their "telepathic connections to the home."

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