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The Final Gift of the Hierarachs

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The Final Gift of the Hierarchs

According to legend the final large scale action of the Hierarchs to affect mankind. These "gifts" consisted mainly of the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor the ability to use Elemenstation. Note that the gift of Elemenstation is the primary argument behind the theory that the Hierarchs are the Elemenstors through some sort of eulithian resonance vector. After all, who could bestow the gift of Elmenstation other than an Elemenstor?

According to Vuksveufen lore it is at this point that the Hierarchs considered humanity to be complete.

Theories about the Gift

  • It is often infered that because of this "completeness" that the Hierarchs went from personally intervening in everything to doing almost nothing at all.
  • The Quilp (who do not hold with Vuksveufa) maintain that the Final Gift is some sort of an apology.
  • The Ritual of Brain'age is thought to have some thing to do with this Gift.

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