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The Confusion

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The Confusion

There is a theory among fans that the authors responsible for the ELotH world take a particular collective glee in propagating an Epic sense of confusion within the world and its surrounding literature and materials. Taken at times to strange extremes it seems as though at times an effort is made at times to disambiguate the world of Battal for the reader. The primary evidence used as justification for this theory can be found in the dizzying array of extremely similarly named items within Battal. Unrelated and contradictory things seem to have near identical names, and things from entirely different works have strangely juxtoposed combinations and variations on each others names.

This theory seems to tie strongly with Tycho Brahe's known love for language and his playfulness with it.

Bringing the elements of the ELotH universe together on this wiki has brought about a resurgence of this theory, as seeing all the content side by side and needing to cross reference the work as a whole tends to bring these sorts of trends to light.

The Evidence

Excusable Coincidence

Seemingly Intentional Misdirection

Don't even get me started on

Response to the Theory

When asked directly about The Confusion at Elemenstorm '99 Tycho Brahe was quoted as saying:

"Well... It's a big world. With all of the things that exist in an Epic fantasy like the one we've created, especially one that spans such a vast stretch of time, it makes sense that there would coincidentally be things named similarly."

Rebuttal to the Response to the Theory

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