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The Children Will Pay Five Dollars Conspiracy

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The Children Will Pay ... Five Dollars Conspiracy

The publication of The Wizbits Guide to Conquering Your Fears renewed debate over the quality of decency contained in the Wizbits, and just who the hell did this James Langomedes think he was anyway. Internal emails from Realmworlds Publishing reveal the following:

To: ;@realmworldspublishing.com

From: Marty.Bardabarry@realmworldspublishing.com


bcc: theeliot@magicmousepublishing.com

My dear ;,

Everything's going according to plan.



To: Marty.Bardabarry@realmworldspublishing.com

From: MAILERDAEMON@realmwordspublishing.com


I was unable to send the message to the following address: ;@realmworldspublishing.com. Sorry!

Rergrettably, this suggests a link with The Song of the Sorcelator. As The Eliot is a fictional persona -- a mawkishly conceived one, at that -- and no records exist of the address replying to Mr. Bardabarry, there is little evidence to suggest the identity of the recipient.

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