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The Ambulatory Dresser that Shouted I at the Heart of the World

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The Ambulatory Dresser that Shouted I at the Heart of the World (世界の中心でアイを叫んだ徒歩の鏡台)

Super ElamenSTAR FINAL Episode 526

Aired 6th January, 2001


The Ocumen's first plan to destroy Char Reyarteb has failed, instead putting Battal on the way to destruction with no chance to survive or make their time. The Ocumen's new plan? By using timesorc'ley, he explains, the Four Underdogs can rewind time to before Char's defeat, avoiding the destruction of the Starborn Gem. But once they've done this, they must erase their own memories, otherwise they will simply repeat the same mistake. Instead, the Ocumen will leave clues throughout Battal for the Four to stumble upon, and set them on the right path to separate Char from the Gem, and free Battal from his reign of terror. But the Four must erase all memory of each other and of their past together. They will have to meet again, for the first time, and forge friendships anew. This is most difficult for Lander and Zula, who having finally realized their feelings for each other must now erase them and start all over.

After confronting their memories and preparing themselves for the road ahead, they join hands, and are launched from the floating fortress back to their homes. As they streak across the sky, magic emniates from them, erasing the memories of all those they encountered.

The final few minutes of the series show each of the Four Underdogs back at home, as ordinary people, with a lump of shiny rock they know nothing about. Their lives are back to ordinary, but Zula looks into her rock, and sees the face of Lander. When a tear rolls down her face, she wonders... who that face might be?

Back in the Forest of Forevergreen, the magic power rewrites the engraving on the tombstone at The Tomb of the Unknown Familiars to read: "To our friends. While they may be forgotten, their sacrifice never shall be."

But on the floating landscape, Char Reyarteb remains, the Starborn Gem pulsing in his hand. He wonders how he got up here, and why he has a strange sense of foreboding.

And floating amongst the Elmether, Aklom Reklats and Harbinger Portent wait for the next time when the Four Underdogs' gems and the Starborn Gem will again by in synchronicity, and Char will be defeated once and for all.


The infamous final episode of ElamenSTAR. Up unto this point, the series was a straightforward action series; however, after reaching writer's block, the director of ElamenSTAR decided to mimic the drinking and pill binge enacted by Tycho Brahe to better understand the creative process he had undergone. After awakening in a filthy alley, he transcribed his visions onto a slate of sheet rock and dragged the slate into the office. With the deadline fast approaching, the low-cost series finale went ahead with zero editing.

The Ambulatory Dresser that Shouted I at the Heart of the World mostly consists of the main characters of ElamenSTAR being confronted by the intense psychological problems neither seen before nor mentioned in the rest of the series. As all of the characters communicate only in thought, and the only speaker is off-screen the entire episode, the majority of the series finale consists of the Wizbits sitting in a folding chair under a spotlight, staring intently while complaining about their post-traumatic stress disorder, or their rampant kleptophilia, or how much they hated their father. It is assumed that this portion of the episode represents the brainmanglement that is part and parcel with the Four Underdogs' final Elemenstation.

The five minutes leading up to the final scenes of the episode received 99% of the budget; the $50 animation has been described as "inducing epileptic seisures in all viewers," an accurate critique. This portion was intended to represent the reality-warping power of strong telesorc'ley.

Despite inducing terrible damage upon viewers (though not as extensively as the original version of Wizbits: The Movie), the episode endeared the series to Richard Jackson, who used The Dreaming Feculence to tie the story into the main ELotH:TES canon.


I'm not sure which is worse... that this is the ending we got, or that so many people claim it "makes sense" and is really "the pinnacle of the series." I am a huge fan of ElamenSTAR, and frankly this made me cry. Well, you know, after the seizures. ~Kenneth Pike
I dunno, I still cry when I see the tombstone. I thought it was brilliant. -ErMaC

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