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The Ambulatator

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The Ambulatator

Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: From 13 (Nasty) up to 44 (Horrifically Nasty), depending on how large it has grown

Creature Families: Elemental, Furniturian

The Ambulatator is the strangest of The Eight Elemental Constructs, representing the perverted elemental force of Stream.

Appearing as a giant agglomeration of living furniture, The Ambulatator would move through cities and towns, absorbing inanimate furniture to its ever-growing mass. Some theorize that this terrible Construct may have grown to truly epic proportions if it hadn't been slain during the return of Cubby during the fifth of the seventeen final battles, the Battle of Splinters.

The Ambulatator is one of the three Constructs which is actually killed off in the series, the other five are never truly dealt with in the end.

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