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Tekhash the Unborn Stillborn Reborn

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Tekhash the Unborn Stillborn Reborn

Tekhash the Unborn Stillborn Reborn has a unique and detailed origin, which you will not find here.

Sages have determined that Tekhash was known for millenia as merely "Tekhash the Unborn." His spirit coalesced from the mists of Drag'unuhr, and he spent his first centuries learning how to interact with the physical world in minor ways.

Frustrated at his lack of influence, Tekhash undertook the decades-long Ritual of Corporeality to grant him a corporeal form. At the culmination of the ritual, an illegitimate granddaughter of an illegitimate queen, in the line of Bochna Dynasty gave birth to a stillborn child, who had no earthly father. 7 years, 7 days, and 7 hours after the burial of the baby's body, Tekhash completed the Initiation of the Soul, which merged his spirit into the body of the forgotten child.

Tekhash emerged from the swamp-grave and nurtured his new and glorious form into adulthood, where his aging was arrested. It is thought he would have lived forever, if not for Temnambulor III, weilder of The Thrice-bladed Scimitar of Nebulon.

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