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Svald Vhadxi

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Svald Vhadxi

An annoying semi-goth player of Wizbits Elemenstor Battle in the ElamenSTAR Shuffle series who claims to be a direct decendent of the Vampyre Lord. Skilled at the game, he was the captain of his school’s team until he lost it to the most popular girl in the school because she'd promised him that he could grope her if he did.

He later joined Char Reyarteb's gang when the euphoria from his "payment" subsided.

Svald's Deck

1. Lord Hopebane (Card): Main Character

2. Rothgar, the Strategic Genius (Card)

3. Throne of Cream (Card)

4. Mt Wang (Card)

5. Screaming Eop (Card)

6. Armor of Largechesthood (Card)

7. Armor of Fullchesthood (Card)

8. Lopae of Hopea (Card)

9-10. Clandestine Meddling (Card)

11. Poisondeath, Scourge of Life Card

12-15. Wood Rot Card

16-19. Chanteucide (Card)

20-23. Cyanide (Card)

24-27. Serpent's Venom Card

28. Poison of Epic Flu Card

29-32. Arsenic (Card)

33-35. Poison Tipped Pen Card

36-39. Poison Tipped Dagger Card

40-41. Sex Change (Card)

42. Kettletrop Longerdunger Card

43. Mont Skyfinger Card

44. Jastevi Card

45-47. Return Life (Card)

48. Elza Shiiwulf (Card)

49. Mayumi Card

50. Kapybara Card

51. Castle Hopea (Card)

52. Flag of the Hopean Monarchy Card

53. Flag of Hopean Mineral Rights Card

54. Flag of the Eclipsed Greatness Card

55. Flag of Dark Power Card

56. Hopean Armorers Guild Flag Card

57. Flag of Flog Card

58. The Red Flag Card

59. Flag of the Week (Card)

60. The Long Flag Card

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