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The Starchildren

The Starchildren are being beyond timenes and spacenes who dwell within the Starborn Gem. They represent the various facets of knowledge and emotion which comprise the gem. One of the facets, that of Justice and Fairness, was banished from within the Gem by the others. In Battal, he became known as Aklom Reklats and became one of the key players in the struggle against the Gem's awesome power.

The Starchildren are referred to by name in the ElamenSTAR episode The Birth of Rubian.

The Starchildren have been grouped by scholars into four groups. The Point and Counter-Point children directly cancel each other out. Neither side is exclusively "good" or "evil", yet it is distinctly visible that certain traits add up to zero. Frequently, scholars have refined classifications, causing a Point, Counter-Point pair to switch places. However, since these classifications are purely speculative and based on the scholars perceptions, they are rarely recognized by anyone outside of scholars of the Starchildren, who are largely considered to be a bunch of drunks and social misfits too clumsy or misguided to research Elemenstation itself. They are rarely invited to parties.

The following is a work in progress. Most of the information has been taken from a box of ElamenSTAR cereal I picked up in Japan. I'll try to get a scan up as soon as possible, but does anyone else have a box still?
The Twenty Starchildren
Name Facet Represented
Point Starchildren
Aklom Reklats Justice and Fairness
Ignon Vernbim Chance and Probability
Simponym Kiralst Beauty and Aesthetics
Neutral-Point Starchildren
Obel Yngspadt Balance and Measurement
Rimts Kevler Mathematics and Equations
Counter-Point Starchildren
Himm Bobit Imbalance and Partisanship
Mbir Tuglin Chaos and Disarray
Graylth Menonin Greed and Gluttony
Finlup Gagdrot Spontaneity and Serendipity
Non-Point Starchildren
Tardith Minlo Relaxation and Vacations
Salma Angolob Meats and Cheeses
Krid Egdrif Guilt and Remorse
Plok Sassmart Irony and Unfortune
The box was part two of a pair, and so only lists 10 of the 20, and I added Aklom. Could someone confirm my recollection of 5 Point, 5 Counter-Point, 3 Neutral-Point, and 7 Non-Point Children? Thanks -Sebastian
All I remember are the Starchildren of meat, irony, and guilt. I'm not sure what classification they were, so I just put them in Non-Point. - Zeta
I think I remember it being 6 Non-Point and a High Point (Aruthuz Omixma?)

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