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An unforgettable accessory to the age'd Sovereign Shadomorn who ruled during the The Magic Sword Kings Period, the Squeakblade was known throughout its native land of Graha as well as many other of the realms.

When drawn from its sheath, the blade would not resonate with the pleasant "schwing" of vibrant metal or even the sardonic hissing of edge drawn across oiled leather... it would instead release an ear-shattering, high-decibel squeak that resembled the dragging of a rusty nail across a slate. This was its only enchantment.

But what an enchantment it was, for much like fingernails on a blackboard, the bearer of the sword remained unaffected by the sound, wheras all others within earshot would collapse to the ground, writhing and screaming as the horrific sound rang through their eardrums sending nerve-wracking shivers down their spine. This condition, known as "The Jibblies", would be forever associated with the infamous blade.

Needless to say, the blade was rarely drawn, for even though its bearer was not affected by Jibblies, it was still very, very unpleasant to hear. It is said that Graha lost thousands of men during the conflicts of The Great Bore simply because Shadomorn refused to unsheathe his sword, yelling to his leiutenants: "I would rather be ravaged by pointy-eard necrophiliac bastards than hear that awful sound even one more time!"

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