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Sovereign Shadomorn

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Sovereign Shadomorn

Also See: The Kings Council

The shadowy lands of Graha were ruled for a great many years by the mysterious and shadowy Sovereign Shadomorn. Little was known of his origns save that he rose to a position of leadership during the wars against The Low-Elves during The Great Bore. After these wars ended, he left The Brotherhood of the Second Prophecy and claimed the throne of Graha. He ruled that fearsome land for the rest of his life, for not even the vicious Graha Assassins dared face the wroth of his Squeakblade or his (sometimes) deadly Three Fingered Snake techniques.

"I'm not sure I trust a man who refuses to show his face," spoke King Lightlute, "who hides behind a mask like a coward."

"Little do you know of the ways of Graha," hissed Shadomorn, "for in our lands to remove one's mask is considered even more foolish than prancing about in face makeup and a gown like some tree-buggering fanciful halfwit!"

-- from the novel Ronard Beknighted

Having survived The Great Bore, Shadomorn held a bitter hatred of Elves that his fellow men could never understand. Sadly, the Twelve Realms might have been saved had he not so greatly offended Quailheart, who came to hear the plight of Men on behalf of the Council of Elves. Ironically, he was relentless in his courting of Gwyndlewhythlwend, not realizing that she considered herself to be an elf (nor that she didn't necessarily have the necessary anatomy to recieve his affections). He even personally led reinforcements to Shadia to defend her from the approaching Vampyre Armies.

"Quailheart, eh?" said Shadomorn pointedly. When Quailheart had turned to face him he continued, "The Quailheart? Known as the messenger of the Elves? The Quailheart undying, of songs and days of olde? This is who you are?"

Uncertain where this line of questioning, which was ever increasing in volume may be heading, Quailheart remained silent and merely gave a nod of acknowledgement.

"Well.. aren't you a fancy lad. 'Look at me!'" Shadomorn said, rising from his seat and beginning to do a poor immitation of what everyone recognized as an Elfin Jig. "'I'm Quailheart!" he said in a mocking tone. "'I leap from tree to tree, without a care, long of golden hair and lyrical of voice! I am so grand! I may travel whereever I wish and bewitch the ladies of the lands where I go. Bewitch the ladies but never love them. No. Steal their hearts and prance away! Look at me go I am so spritely!"

As the shocked members of the council looked on Shadomorn danced and pranced in circles around Quailheart, whose face was red, but his jaw set and expression unreadable. Then Shadomorn returned to his seat and resumed his stoic demeanor, looking to Quailheart as if he had just made a serious inquiry.

There was a moment when no one spoke and it looked as if Quailheart was composing a response. He opened his mouth, but then closed it again. He turned and stalked out of the room. In a matter of moments the kings heard a horse being mounted and pounding forth from the castle, into the distance.

"That's got to be the craziest thing I've seen. And that is saying much," said Ogema into the silence.

To add just a bit more irony, it was that day when he had rode to Shadia he met his end at the hands of his beloved. After unleashing a large number of racial slurs upon the Queen's company of Elf-Witches, he met a particularly nasty death at the surgical precision of the Blade Castratoryll. The ensuing fight between his Graha Assassins and the Gwyndlewhythlwend's forces left Shadia ripe for conquest.

Shadomorn was succeeded by the much-more-politically-correct King Pomcloud, whom he impossibly fought beside in the year 1,003 at the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.


tim Shadia fell in 939 and Pomcloud was born in 953, was Graha without a leader during this span or was there an interim ruler?

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