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Skullmar was one of The Eight Elemental Constructs, representing the perverted force of elemental Death.

The horrifying Skullmar was one of the single most epically terrifying creatures ever created by the mind Tycho Brahe. Unleashed by the Dark Elemenstors during the Hierarch Wars, Skullmar was one of the heralds of the return of Char Reyarteb.

Appearing as a dragon skull held aloft in a vortex of black energy, Skullmar was simultaniously corporeal, ethereal, and - it is heavily implied - ur-corporeal.

Skullmar is one of the three Elemental Constructs who are actually defeated in the series. His defeat, however, was no easy task. Skullmar appeared in no less than three of the seventeen final battles, specifically the First, Second and Third and Final Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness.

These three battles were so named because of the death element powers of Skullmar. The death aura of this most epic and powerful of Elemental Constructs would create fear and disorder amongst the forces arrayed against it. This, of course, was in addition to its other epic, death related powers.

Skullmar was given command of a huge army, and sent to destroy the Elemenstor Zuumont. This may not have been the wisest plan of the Dark Elemenstors, however, as Skullmar's army was no more immune to his death aura than Zuumont's was. Both armies spent the better part of an hour quaking in terror, then both routed in fear. The second and third encounters fared better.

Skullmar was ultimately destroyed during the thirteenth of the seventeen final battles, the Third and Final Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness, where Zuumont discovered a way to shield his army from the death aura, and used the pure power of elemental Life to bring Skullmar's head back to life, simultaneously - and ironically - killing Skullmar, and bringing the gold dragon Ebberontimax the Brilliantly Golden back to life.

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