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Pronounced in Plaincommon as Zha-bley. Plain common lacks a phonetic equivalent to the proto-sound indicated by "Sjk". The term is generally pluralized in colloquial plaincommon.


One of the four original Most Discerning Races, the Sjkarblae were initially unhappily located in the Vale of Eir.

Directly after the Darkstorm, the Sjkarblae reappeared in time-space, worshipping Gespeshio's Globule Vivific. They then disappear from the record, but relatively soon afteward, the Ecreekem appear, and are called forth from the Plains of Estereem to worship Gespechio, the progeny of Gespeshio. The Ecreekem were almost certainly a result of a "union" between Skjkarblae and Furniture, which Gespechio somehow transforms into a self-constructing line of beings. As such, some Furnies dress in attire that they imagine to be that of the Sjkarblae as part of their disgusting furniture play.

Apparent Descendents

The various races of elves, including The Low-Elves, the Dim Elves, the Witch-Elves, and even The Completely Ordinary Non-Elves are thought to have unusually large amounts of Sjkarblae ancestry. In the case of The Completely Ordinary Non-Elves, this may account for their desire to transform their identity; many pre-op Non-Elves have shrines to Gespeshio in their boudoirs.

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