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A highly evolved species of celphalopod accidentally created when Harbinger Portent tossed an alien artifact from a technologically advanced civilization into the sea. The hyper-evolving radiation caused the local octopus and squid populations to rapidly mutate and evolve into a sentient species that soon dubbed itself "Shyushicelphepupodialiscenra", which roughly translates into "The Chosen Peoples of Father Ocean's Deep Blue Depths Who Were Blessed By the Marble Block Thing". In Plainscommon, this has been shortened into "Shushipodian". They were introduced in the CCG via the infamous Gangster Octopus card, but were later highly elaborated upon for the Elemenstor franchise's amusingly pathetic attempt to cash in on the superhero craze: Octoman.

Shushipodian are amphibious, tentacled, asexual mollusks that are only slightly different in terms of appearence from their primitive forms. They appear to primarily be a mis-mash of squids, octopi, and elephants. The Shushipodians cannot remain out of water for more than an hour, but their lack of bones makes them very flexible and nimble, if not agile. On the land, they are supported by a series of fluid-filled bladders, and must return to the ocean before their internal supply of saltwater is drained and they go all limp and wither away.

The Shushipodians, amongst other traits, all share the ability to change their skin color to blend into their surroundings, tremendous physical strength in their tentacles, are able to survive extreme pressures of the deep ocean, can grow three times their size by inhaling water, posess excellent night vision, have suction cups that let them cling to various surfaces, and can spit out blasts of poisonous, flammable ink. They communicate with eachother via high-pitched sonar.

The population of Shushipodians has the same ratio for the Knack as Men, although Shushipodian Elemenstors are nearly always Moisteners or Zappers. The few Shushipodians that are Hotbloods are mecelessly mocked, as everything they can do is completely ineffective under the water.

Shushipodians are an arrogantic, xenophobic race who care only of expanding The Shushipodia Empire. They have systematically driven the other sentient ocean-going races, such as Dolphinthropes and Mer-Mundanae into subjugation, and are the major naval force in Battal, controlling almost all of the Ennumerable Sea with their tentacled submarine vessels known as Shushelcraft, and constantly trying to extend their territories into the Unnamed Sea. They are blocked however by the cold northern seas, in which their body functions shut down and their ships will not function, and to the south where the Battal Crabs block their passage in any amount of force through the Vile Sea. They are known to have great fear and respect for the kings of Alfafanar, whose ships passed through their waters during The Sundered Era.

The intricacies of Shushipodia/Human sexual relationships are frankly, an all too popular source of curiosity, and is the subject of numerous tasteless Fan Fiction.

Most Shushipodia were wiped out during The Great Reseating when Zonardia came crashing down into the Ennumerable Sea. Only a few scattered refugees remained.

Shushipodian Cosmology

The Shushipodians worship the primordial massive sea monsters which inhabit the four seas of Battal. Despite the fact that the Shushipodians as a culture and as a species came into existance within memory of some living beings in Battal, their creation and origin stories disregard this fact and include stories that place their creation along side with the creation of the world and the seas.


  • Bynsh - Shark and Squid Lord, Ruler of the Eastern Seas
  • Gargauhm - Master and Creator of all Sponges, Ruler of the Northern Seas
  • Shaurit'ahj - Master and Creator of all Starfish, Ruler of the Western Seas
  • Krakibdus - Crab/Lobster Monster, Dark Ruler of the Southern Seas
  • Jellins - Jellyfish Messengers of the Undersea Gods

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