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Shokirang'ong've Kata'hoikoi!

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elothtes :: Shokirang'ong've Kata'hoikoi! (full)
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Shokirang'ong've Kata'hoikoi! (ショキランッグオンッグヴェ カターホイコイ!)

Super ElamenSTAR Episode 409

Aired 20th November, 1999


At Char Reyarteb's command, a group of War Men march against the Cerulean Citadel in order to destroy it before it can become an unassailable fortress.

Before they can reach the construction site, however, they stop marching and set up a makeshift arena. The Four Underdogs send Blunder to find out why the War Men have stopped marching, and soon learn that it is Kuluk'kuluk'shokurung'tagag, the holy holiday of Grishak'hiki. Before they enter into battle, they will observe their holiday and test their axes against one another. Blunder also learns that this particular band of War Men is comprised solely of members of the Axe-Throwers Clan.

Lander formulates a plan. By disguising herself as a War Men woman and infiltrating the War Men's camp, Zula becomes a contestant in the Kuluk'kuluk'shokurung'tagag festivities, which revolve mostly around games of Agash (with axes, naturally, as the implements of choice). Though Wendel encourages her to deliberately lose a few games by killing her opponents, Zula instead has Hallau coat every axe in the camp with a slow-acting poison.

All she has to do is win every game of Agash... without letting any of the War Men score against her!


The title of this episode is rendered in The War Men's Brutal, Guttural War-Tongue. It literally means "Her axe is sharp!" and is typically used to express attraction for a female.

In the background of this episode, Shokurung'a (My Axe) is partially sung by a number of extremely drunk War Men. The full song is actually performed in the Season 5 episode A Work of the War Men.

Although Zula appears nude in this episode (per the rules of Agash), her disguise and the fact that she was dueling nude War Men make this one of the least popular displays of nudity in the entire series.


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