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elothtes :: Shaurit'ahj (full)
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  • Life
  • Starfish
  • Procreation

Other Names

  • Ruler of the Western Seas
  • Master of All Starfish
  • Star of Life

Known Relations

  • None


Shaurit'ahj is a massive starfish that lives in the Unnamed Sea. He is supposedly the reason why the western seas team with all sorts of life, particularly starfish, and why the water in the Unnamed Sea is sweet. Shaurit'ahj is consider the source of all starfish and the ruler of the western seas by the Shushipodians.

Shaurit'ahj is worshiped by the prayers said over the Shushipodian young after their birth, division, or what have you. He is also worshiped during Octovigil which commemorates Shaurit'ahj saving the Shushipodians from Krakibdus by giving them eight Glowing Starfish. It is notable that Shaurit'ahj is the only Shushipodian Deity worshiped on land.

It should also be noted that the Shushapodians have not extended their empire to the Sweet Sea, but they view it as some sort of unattainable paradise toward which they are always straining to reach.


  • The Tale of Octovigil
  • The Star of Life

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