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Wizbits Mind Control Conspiracy

The Wizbits were best known to American audiences for their three-season run in the syndicated cartoon, The Wizbits (The Wizbits Episode Guide), cobbled together both from clips of the original Japanese cartoon (see the article ElamenSTAR) and from all-new and, at times, highly psychedelic animation commissioned by General Defense Dynamics and guided by the avant-garde artist/eccentric/felon James Langomedes. Overdubbing of the original Japanese material and voice work for the new animation were handled by American voice actors employed by cut-rate animation house United Dildonics.

Secret Goverment Funding was funneled through General Defense Dynamics to test Mass Media Mind Control (MMMC) techniques. The Wizbits syndication represented Stage 4 of a Department of Defence (DOD) S.T.A.R. W.A.R.S. funds misappropriation.

Previous stages include Transformers, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and Barney. Stage 5 of the project is implemented with The Merch

Season 2 of the Wizbits represents the completion of Stage 4. The lack of funding and propietary goverment technology, Wizbits was left to its own means.

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