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Second Students

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Second Students

After Harbinger Portent realized his horrible mistake, he set about teaching the secrets of High Elemenstation to a group of what he considered to be "far more worthy" students. A strict but fair, warm but strangely distant teacher with the weight and the knowledge of the world on his shoulders, Harbinger Portent hand selected a group of students who became quite close and all rose to great power, and went on to shape the order of Elemenstors as it exists during the time of the Four Underdogs, and in turn even lays the groundwork for The Elemenstor Cycle.

Compared to the more than two thousand years of instruction for Char Reyarteb the Second Students had a relatively short six years to learn from the wisened Harbinger. Fortunately, in that period Portent had become a much better imparter of the secrets of High Elemenstation. During the instruction of Reyarteb, Portent would sometimes take decades deciding how to distill a single concept into words.

The refined lessons taught to his second batch of students were captured in the famed Harbinger Notes, class notes taken by the second students, said to hold invaluable keys to unlocking unimaginable Elemenstational powers.



Tycho Brahe's The Harbinger Cycle: The Unsunderer deals with the Second Students and their training with Harbinger Portent. It also foreshadows the fates that the 6 would meet.

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