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Say There, Have Ye Seen the Gravy

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Say There, Have Ye Seen the Gravy?


Say there, have ye seen the gravy

Floating in the tureen fair

Say there, have you seen the navy

Beans in Butter Fingers' lair?

Karrath's Blade of Perfect Tone

Dwarf-crafted on a drunken bet

Let forth an awkward E sharp drone

(Karrath he regrets it yet)


C-sharp, C-sharp! Gragnakas cried

C-sharp, I need more gravy still!

Pound the hammer on the anvil

Bend the gravy to my will!


Sepathok picked up the weapon

Retainers tossed it at his head

Thro' blood and gravy he did step on

Till female ninjas left him dead


Shezdor next, who killed a navy

An anti-hero dark was he

His long black hair lapped up the gravy

Till the Weird Thing cleft him helm to bree.


And that's the tale of all our gravy

Dum dum dum dum dee dee dee

Dum dee dum dum dee dum dum dum

Dee dee dee dee dum dee dee.*

(Chorus 2x)

*The last three lines traditionally could not be sung or repeated unless mumbled through a mouthful of gravy, and now are lost in the depths of time for reasons of incoherence and illiteracy.

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