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Saga Timeline

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Saga Timeline

As the complete timeline is so long, a variety of year numbering systems of varying inaccuracy find use during the course of the saga. (For example, people living before the birth of King Ronard obviously did not use negatively-numbered years.*) This timeline exclusively uses the Ronardian Calendar for the reasons described in that writeup. All years given are taken directly or extrapolated from notes given in the various canonical texts and selected external sources, then rendered as well as possible into the Ronardian Calendar.

Note, however, that many of these dates are approximate. As the length of a Battal year varies from 175 to 507 days over the course of a 33-year Battal Cycle (see Astrolonomy), accurate recording of history is an almost completely unknown science to all within the ELotH:TES universe, with the possible exception of the Chronoclave.

  1. Saga Timeline
    1. The Forlorn Era Of Pensive Twiddle: "Before time" (FEPT)
    2. Forgotten Age: ? to the Beginning of time (2)
    3. The Hierarchy: Beginning of time to 0 (TH)
      1. The Age of Whimpering:(-75,300 to -70,101) also known as The Time of the Encients
      2. The War of the Item Guilds: -30,425 to -28,872
      3. The Great Breakening: -19,230 to -4,420
    4. The Magic Sword Kings Period: 0 to 9,473 (TMSK)
      1. The Wandering Age: 1,003 to 3,512
    5. The Longest Moment: 4:35:00pm to 4:35:13pm BUST, Medianary 26th, 9473 (TLM)
    6. The Spica Wars: 9,473 to 10,435 (TSW)
    7. The Sundered Era: 10,435 to 17,910 (TS)
      1. Sundered Timeline for The Shield
      2. Sundered Timeline for The Sickle
      3. Sundered Timeline for Inter-continental Events
    8. Century of Fire - The Savage Brutality Of The War Men: 17,910 to 18,009 (CoF)
    9. The Lost Factions of the Unknown Misgivings: 18,009 to 19,109 (TLFotUM)
    10. The Shortest Millennium: Dawn, Primanary 1st, 19,109
      1. ElamenSTAR: 19,109 to 20,034
      2. The Dreaming Feculence: 19,109 to 20,034 (TDF)
      3. Wizbits Extreme: 19,109 to 20,034 (WX)
      4. ElamenSTAR Shuffle: 19,109 to 20,034
      5. The Four Underdogs: 19,109 to 20,034 (FU)
    11. The Four Underdogs: 19,109 to 20,034
    12. The Rise Of The Elemenstors: 20,034 to 25,478 (TRotE)
    13. The Resundering: 25,478 to 26,780 (TRS)
    14. The Unlight Eonicles: 26,780 to 30,765 (TUE)
    15. The Ending Times: 30,765 to the end of time (TE)


The Forlorn Era Of Pensive Twiddle: "Before time" (FEPT)

An era said by the War Men to have lasted for an unknown span prior to the Hierarchs. It is the setting for several of their traditional stories of myth. Unlike every other myth or legend ever referred to in the entire saga, these stories are not based on fact; the Forlorn Era never actually took place and is included here only for completeness.

Forgotten Age: ? to the Beginning of time (2)

The original beginning of time. No one can remember what it was like, so for all intents and purposes, it does not exist, except it clearly did.

The Hierarchy: Beginning of time to 0 (TH)

  • -80,000 - Age of Remembrance. Oh right, now we remember the Forgotten Age, so its not forgotten . . . my head hurts!
  • -76,243 - Zonardia seperates from what will one day be called The Sickle to avoid being crushed by the Giant Meteoric Cow, and begins to orbit the surface of Battal. Due to temporal elemenstation, this event occurs twice on the timeline.
  • - 76,399 - The first sentient mortals appear, coalescing out of chaos, thought to be named Potato and Chardonae.
  • - 76,333 - The wanderings of Potato and Chardonae cause the Luma to come into existance.
  • -75,324 - The Hierarchs create the world of Khalm a utopian paradise where everyone has power over the Elements. All goes well for a quarter of a century until someone invents the insult, and then the planet is destroyed in a massive elemental war that kills all life on the planet. The Hierarchs elect to try a third time, forging the Starborn Gem out of Khalm's homeless spirits, who later become Elemanifestations and the Starchildren.
  • - 75,323 - Potato and Chardonae decide to "Just be friends".
  • - 75,322 - Chardonae begins seeing someone, named Neel, who claims to be from a previously existing universe. Potato becomes quite angry.
  • - 75,321 - Potato attempts to murder Chardonae and Neel, but is thwarted and thrown outside of Timenes. Chardonae and Neel decide beg the Hierarchs to create The Sun and let them hide within it to avoid him returning. To make the best of things, the Hierarchs sprinkle one thousand planets to orbit around the sun.
  • -75,319 - Potato comes back with a vengance, using powers he gained from the end of Time, he destroys much of the planets of the solar system, leaving only a handful still standing. Neel and Potato engage in mighty battle and fall out of Timenes and Spacenes. Chardonae gives birth to Cataclysmos 1 and Cataclysmos 7 in her sorrow.

The Age of Whimpering:(-75,300 to -70,101) also known as The Time of the Encients

  • -75,300, Tuesday - Battal comes into existance, with the Hierarchs's third attempt at creating a world. Mistakes on the previous two worlds are corrected - it was not separated into weird arbitrary pocket worlds, and the entire population was not gifted with insanely destructive superpowers.
  • approx -75,300 - The Encients appear in the Wildlands... since it was pretty much the only place anyone could appear at the time.
  • approx -75,299 - Completion of Battal's first piece of architecture, the Wize Tower, which is incredibly well-constructed and suspiciously phallic.
  • -42,132 - Founding of the city of Merrigold
  • -34,365 - The Ecreekem hail Gespechio as The Creator of All Things in Being And Those That Are Not, incurring the wrath of the Hierarchs, who destroy Gespechio and his creations.
  • -33,492 - "Can't We Stop and Ask Directions" is the question asked by the women of the Elves, who accompany the elf men on an ocean voyage away from the Elfin Land to go out to dinner and afterwards got hopelessly lost. Attempts to return to their homelands prove futile, forcing them to live amongst Non-Elves in the Shield and Sickle.
  • -32,408 - The coming of humankind to Battal.
  • -32,406 - The coming of the Ooamp.
  • -32,405 - The leaving of the Ooamp, seperation of humanity into man and woman.
  • -31,808 - Xandir the Pretty Good, a feudal lord, raises the first large army of men and wars across Battal. He gains a number of Titles, but loses interest in the whole thing after he becomes the first person to ever crown himself Emperor of Battal and gives everyone their land back so he can retire to his private island with his *ahem* best friend, Lars of the Suculent Thighs. He fathers no successors, obviously.
  • -31,337 - Man displays dominance over all things, living and non, on Battal. Woman objects vociferously. (Conflict still unresolved.)

The War of the Item Guilds: -30,425 to -28,872

  • -28,243 - Zonardia separates from what will one day be called The Sickle to avoid being crushed by the Giant Meteoric Cow, and begins to orbit the surface of Battal. Due to temporal elemenstation, this event occurs twice on the timeline.
  • -19,231 - It is here where scholars for a long time ignored the events of history. Grabling Froomchop, a well respected historian referred to the period containing the next 19,231 years The Great Bore. He wrote in his great tome of the history of Battal, All of Rounders Kingdoms: From the Beginning, that "(t)he trauma of the withdrawl of the Elmether resulted in nothing whatsoever happening for the next 19,232 years, known later as The Great Bore." For many yearicles, other historians accepted this view, but it was later determined that Froomchop merely wanted to finish his book before the end of his years.

The Great Breakening: -19,230 to -4,420

  • -19,230 - In a cataclysmic event, perhaps the most sever ever seen by the land of Battal, the landmass of The Shield and The Sickle are shattered by a powerful Geotelespacial Fractarent; The result is that the single land mass is broken into 16 large relatively closely spaced islands. This is the state of affairs for the next 15,000 years.
  • -13,003 - Dire Island sinks thanks to the actions of Will Hawkins, young adventurer, and his various enchanted equipment.
  • -10,999 - Battal's Last Naval Battle, a massive war involving over 100,000 well armed ships begins a series of massive sea battles, each assumed to be the last.
  • -4,420 - The great scholar philosopher Genja Hii "debreakens" the lands, but is promptly forgotten (or is he erased?)

The Magic Sword Kings Period: 0 to 9,473 (TMSK)

  • 33 - The Ronardian Calendar is formally introduced when King Ronard announces that all years will henceforth be numbered with his year of birth taken as zero. Historians grumble and begin correcting the dates on everything ever written. Interestingly, the land of Shadia had converted to this system 10 years earlier.
  • 623 - Lord B'gh'd, the last of the Apostrophine Lords, was born H'rb T'rl'k in the town of Kr'bc'cl
  • 796 - The height of the K'thian culture
  • 903 - Vhadxi is betrayed by his wife, Adhnaten. An internal power struggle blunts the onslaught of the Vampyres.
  • 939 - Shadia's forest are finally overrun by the forces of the Vampyre.
  • 950 - Ithbarg II falls, the eastern nations begin to plot their counter-offensive.
  • 999 - The Land of Thrown Fish falls. The Vampyres reportedly are "puzzled" as to what they should do with this conquered kingdom.

The Wandering Age: 1,003 to 3,512

  • 1,003 - With no nations to provide security, the land falls into chaos. Warlords, bandits, and worse prowl the lands, and villagers have little to turn to for defence but the appearance of wandering warriors and heroes. Those nations and kingdoms that do arise are small and weak, or mere shadows of their prior greatness.
  • 3,467 - The Wandering Age draws to a close as Wang influences on the rest of Battal begin to decline.
  • 3,512 - Order reasserts itself, stable kingdoms begin to rise, although not all of the Twelve Realms recover, and some new kingdoms arise.
  • 4,230 - King Sc'rch'drth is assassinated by no less than 200 Graha Assassins, at once. Every assassin had a different employer. His kingdom splinters as the old kingdoms reassert themselves.

The Longest Moment: 4:35:00pm to 4:35:13pm BUST, Medianary 26th, 9473 (TLM)

This age, described in an epic poem Tycho Brahe allegedly wrote while taking severe allergy relief (see The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae), descibes the effects that a brief sigh, given off by a napping Frand Burgrove, has on Minuschitae, a kingdom contained within a hair on Frand's pillow. In this painstaking description of the unspeakable horror and inevitable destruction of the once peaceful kingdom, The Sundering is foreshadowed, and Vaxin the Tiny is introduced.

  • Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:00 PM - Frand Burgrove drools in his sleep. A globule of his spittle combines with the existing detritus upon a hair of his pillow (which was in fact a dead badger) and The Kingdom of Minuschitae is thus created.
  • Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:12 PM - Burgrove begins to sigh, signaling the beginning of The Minupalypse.

The Spica Wars: 9,473 to 10,435 (TSW)

  • 9,476 - Vaxin the Tiny forms her band of adventurers/admirers and takes part in many epic exploits.
  • 9,480 - Zonard is crowned king on his 18th birthday.
  • 9,481 - Vaxin reorganizes her motley crew into an itinerant army.
  • 9,510 - Yar the Sorcerial captures his first kingdom and begins a constant campaign of war.
  • 9,825 - For one month all aliances dissolve and literally everyone is at war with everyone. This is know as The Smotening.

The Sundered Era: 10,435 to 17,910 (TS)

Note: The term "The Sundering" refers to the actual breaking of the world, although some sources use it to label the period from 10,435 to 17,908. To add additional confusion, some timelines list the era from 12,066 to 17,910 as The Unsundering (abbreviated TU). The reason for the selection of year 12,066 is unclear.

The following section is divided into timeline events that happened in The Shield, and events that happened in The Sickle. During this time period there was no interaction or interplay between these two lands.

Sundered Timeline for The Shield

  • 10,933 - A man known as Goodlycooper defeats the rogue bandits and lawless brigands in the land Parsonya and re-establishes the kingdom there, after which it is revealed that he was the true and rightful heir to the throne.
  • 11,998 - Yar the Sorcerial is noted as remarking, "Wow, I can't believe I'm going to live to see the year 12,000."
  • 15,434 - Aklom Reklats is exiled from the Starborn Gem, causing a grudge that will last millenia and ultimately end in the destruction of Char Reyarteb
  • 15,670 - Under the name of Petago Kerrik, the evil Char Reyarteb is born.

The Great War of Magiks and Things - 15843 to 15882

  • 15,855 - Brothic enters into Shadia, the destruction wrought on the forest by his armies intiates The War of the Shades, which rages for 10 years.
  • 15,881 - Brothic fights his last battle at the western edge of Blee in Brothic's Gambit.
  • 16,648 – Theoric the Eversnide, of the Moonlit Order, arrives from the year 20,018. He retrieves the Staff of the High Augur from its resting place in the Grotto of Woe. He then proceeds to travel to the year 20,019, bringing the Staff with him; this explains the absence of the Staff, as well as the absence of any High Augurs, from the pages of history for the next 3,371 years.

Sundered Timeline for The Sickle

  • 11,396 to 11,799 - Called, quite possibly incorrectly, the Pax Hyacinth, this period of almost perverse bureaucracy, while bringing order amidst the chaos, would eventually collapse under its own corruption and inefficiency, and make a mess of pretty much everything.

Sundered Timeline for Inter-continental Events

  • 17,129 - Shezdor is killed in an attempt to collect the 99th sword, (ironically already possessing the 100th without his knowledge)
  • 17,909 – The Long Life Granted By Proximity To The Gem Allows Harbinger Portent To Amass The Mystical Power to Rejoin The Shield And Sickle, Even As He Is Struck Down By His One Time Student Char Reyarteb, which Harbinger really should have seen coming, as he was a friggin' psychic and Char's battlestaff turned into a goddamn giant snake.

Century of Fire - The Savage Brutality Of The War Men: 17,910 to 18,009 (CoF)

  • 17,910 to 18,009 – This is period of a hundred years of geological upheaval where molten rock sewed the shattered world back together. It is during this time that the now immortal Char Reyarteb – with the Starborn Gem and his legions of subterranean War Men unleashed by The Unsundering – sets out to conquer the reformed world of Battal, with the aid of the newly created magik force, Dark Elemenstation.

The Lost Factions of the Unknown Misgivings: 18,009 to 19,109 (TLFotUM)

  • 18,009 to 18,097 – Beginning of an age of chaos and unrest as the mostly ignored peoples of the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel finally unite under the banner of Lord Kinlo. Kinlo swore to defeat The Wizbits due to some sort of slight against his ancestral line. During this shortlived but epicly morose period Kinlo's followers laid waste to the careful plans of a hundred different alliances, none of which, it should be noted, included the Wizbits, who were to arrive some 1,000 years after Kinlo's death. This disparity was dealt with in the anonymously authored Refound Factions of the Lost Factions of the Unknown Misgivings Trilogy, which was published in 16,014, lost for centuries, and then rediscovered sometime after 19,000.
  • 18,097 - The end of the terribly brutal reign of Lord Kinlo.
  • 18,133 to 18,419 - The Floibles plague spreads throughout the lands of the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel: the great power never truly recovered.
  • 18,526 - The Mist Sea of Yymp is lifted through the breaking of an ancient curse. Southern Yymp goes on to be known as rather sunny and pleasant, if not a tad on the dull side.
  • 19,014 - The citizens of Battal first learned of the fact that Unothath was, in actuality, the birthplace of the infamous immortal, Char Reyarteb.
  • 19,098 - Aklom Reklats discovers the locations where suitable attackers of the now nearly-immortal Reyarteb are to be born, and plants a magical verdant sapling in each town.

The Shortest Millennium: Dawn, Primanary 1st, 19,109

Following the events of Countdown to Infinite Wizbits, all the mutually contradictory Four Underdogs timelines were folded into an inaccessible paradox-negation ward at this precise moment in time, preventing them all from irreparably damaging the timeline. These events are still recorded here as they have not ceased to have ever occurred, but neither do they have any bearing on the prime timeline, which continues afterwards.

All these timelines begin with the following event, but continue in different ways:

ElamenSTAR: 19,109 to 20,034

ElamenSTAR serves as the foundation (and arguably the cause) from which the timelines of Battal split. After the split, however, this timeline ceases because it is paradoxical. None of the other timelines could exist without it, but all of the other timelines ostensibly replace it with a different chain of events. See ElamenSTAR.

The Dreaming Feculence: 19,109 to 20,034 (TDF)

The second timeline formed in 19,109. See The Wizbits Cartoon. Elemenstor Gearstrike will probably also take place in this timeline.

  • 19,109 – In four villages, each one beset by the vicious War Men of Char Reyarteb, a verdant tree grows – and each tree bears a fruit of perfect rubian. One child in each village can read the strange markings thereon. The children meet (is their meeting explained in this timeline?) and with various adorable magical creatures in tow go *whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* in order to confuse and excite their foes, as well to elicit a response from MooMaa during the battle of Wits that took place in the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.)

Wizbits Extreme: 19,109 to 20,034 (WX)

The third and fourth timelines formed in 19,109. See Wizbits Extreme and Wizbits Extreme: Ultra battle Final. There are actually two separate Wizbits Extreme timelines; it is unknown what differences there are between them.

ElamenSTAR Shuffle: 19,109 to 20,034

The fifth timeline formed in 19,109. See ElamenSTAR Shuffle. This timeline bears little relation to the original ElamenSTAR timeline and is set on Alternate Battal.

The Four Underdogs: 19,109 to 20,034 (FU)

The sixth timeline formed in 19,109 (See Elemenstor Radio Dramas). This is the primary ELotH:TES timeline upon which the 13 book cycle was originally based and the one which corresponds most strongly with the prime timeline (below).

  • 19,109 – In four villages, a verdant tree grows – and each tree bears a fruit of perfect rubian. One child in each village can read the strange markings thereon, and after many adventures the four children meet each other.

The Four Underdogs: 19,109 to 20,034

This is the paradox-free prime timeline created as a result of Countdown to Infinite Wizbits and the timeline which is continued below. While not yet officially recorded, this can be assumed to be a distilled and improved "highlights reel" of all the previously recorded Four Underdogs timelines.

The Rise Of The Elemenstors: 20,034 to 25,478 (TRotE)

  • 20,200 - a Furniture Renaissance, the second of its kind, begins in Ezermethalon, ushering in a new era of sturdy and well crafted Furniliars crafted during this time whose influence would be felt until the ending times.
  • 22,024 - The Lord of the Wicker Men forms alliances with the remaining Vampyre lords along with two other major world powers in secret, setting the stage for a new global war.
  • 23,333 - Dogus Brankorking leaves the order of Fire Elemenstation and becomes one of the Wasted Elemenstors at the age of 86. His leaving is hardly noticed, but the ensuing braggery and drunken antics, as well as some skirt grabbing reverberate throughout the land over the next ten years.
  • 25,025 - Enseven Illibar appears, leader of the mysterious Willestrian Refugee Explorers from the Cataclysmic Bluont. He wanders Battal, delivering cryptic prophecies in the form of "Triolet Shepherd Epics" and interpretive Dance. It is eventually insinuated that me may be the leader of the Gemmerach-dancers of the Vermilion Forum Culvert. (As these events are not directly related to the Elemenstors this storyline has never been granted the status of an official Era-Saga. However many fans refer to all of the Willestrian-related texts as the Eldritch Assignation Saga)

The Resundering: 25,478 to 26,780 (TRS)

  • 25,485 - Archibald Almalastor manages to understand the bond created by Harbinger Portent so many years ago. Days later, having been tipped off by Dark Master, followers of Char Reyarteb attack, killing him and severing the bond using Archibald's own studies. While this upsets Enseven Illibar's initial plans, he uses the resultant energy to summon the other two Gemmerach Triolet Warders and retrieve Gemmerach Prime from the Cataclysmic Bluont. The Singing Throne appears in its penultimate incarnation, elemenstized.
  • 25,490 - The Shepherd Song of Prophecy predicts the Eldritch Assignation and True Unsundering. The Singing Throne disappears forever, following its final appearance.
  • 25,863 - In the scholarly and peaceful kingdom of Arvalyyon, a young woman is chosen to be sent back in time to correct the evils of Battal's past. Armed with several powerfully enchanted items among which is the Mighty Glaive of Power, she is sent backwards in time to the Rise of the Elemenstors period to begin purging the timeline of evil. Causality shudders and her mission (in the primary timeline at least) is largely unsuccessful.
  • 26,113 - The kingdom of Arvalyyon is overthrown by several lurking evils which were not expunged from the outlands of Battal. While knowledge and the arts had flourished during this period, little was remembered of the craft of war or defense. This short war against Arvalyyon is known as the War That Ended the Peace.
  • 26,115 - The end of the War That Ended the Peace. In a final battle a giant chunk of Portund is lifted through unknown means and hurled. Presumably the target was the opposing force, but neither side took credit, and the hurled land mass missed whatever the proposed target was by quite a bit and landed in the western sea, forming at the same time the Portunian Valley and the tiny island of Horth.
  • 26,116 - 26,780 The Great Recovery - Over the long period of recovery and stabilization that followed, most of the old kingdoms that had been absorbed by Arvalyyon's empire such as Terle and Mandleclang reasserted themselves, as well as the resurgence of traditional languages and religions.

The Unlight Eonicles: 26,780 to 30,765 (TUE)

  • 26,780 - A catastrophic earthquake rocks Battal, destroying Monuments that have stood the test of time for tens of thousands of years, destroying the Cerulean Citadel, splitting open the CryptoCrypt, and causing chaos in most major cities.
  • 27,523 - The Wand of Unlight begins passing from one hand to the next, spreading a plague of evil across Battal.
  • 30,763 - Elemenstors around the world celebrate how nice it is to have access to the secrets of High Elemenstation.

The Ending Times: 30,765 to the end of time (TE)

  • 35,700 - One Big Mess Zonardia returns to the surface, crushing many species of sea life into extinction, causing massive tidal waves, and flinging Zonardians everywhere.
  • 39,942 - The remaining six of the Seven Lost Emotions are returned to Battal, proving the Mad Prophet Nostril right 22,000 years after his death. Scholars look forward to feeling bliminitous and frippy.
  • 39,999 - The End-Times. You spoke -The Unspeakable-, didn't you? We knew it.
  • 40,000 - Year in which the speculative Fourteenth Manuscript takes place, resulting in the End of All Years.

* Notably Hygrad the Mighty marked the formation of the Band of Men with a monument marked with the year -28,951, but indeed this bewildered all those who looked upon it.

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