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A flame-spewing, ambulatory china cabinet formed through the complex assembly of the Wizbits Extreme, their Familiars, and their respective Rubian Suits, associated Rubian Crystals, the intermediate Bothorian Power Matrix, and the Chroassu Star Fragments.

Although still uncomfirmed via series plot developments, Rubinoazon is hypothesized to have been created by A'aman Braoar, a deceased high priest and founder of the Antiyurvedic movement. A'aman Braoar apparently died from abusing a psychotropic drug created from ground GazaPacho seeds. It is also believed that these seeds gave him the vision needed to create the ridiculously complex assemblage of Rubian Suits.

A'aman Braoar's name appears during the power-up sequence on the main battle screens of each Rubian Suit, and also appears in carvings in several episodes when the Wizbits Extreme must seek out the ancient plans for their suits in order to repair battle damage.

Rubinoazon Toy

In Japan, a Rubinoazon toy was produced. When assembled, it was just over 18" tall-- but very few children (or adults) ever succeeded in assembling the thousands of individual pieces before either losing a piece or succumbing to boredom or repetitive stress injury. The toy included the eight Rubian Suits of each of the Wizbits and their respective familiars, the 2992 crystals of the Bothorian Power Matrix, action figures for each Wizbit and familiar, and the 16 Chroassu Star Fragments.

The sculptor of the piece was, in fact, the former director of the Japanese version of The Wizbits, who had recently finished the final episode and was still coming down from his mini-drinking and pill binge. When asked why there were 2992 crystal pieces to the sculpture, he responded, "Because if there were 2993 pieces, then we'd all be dead." He then nailed his hand to the wall, using his forehead as a hammer. He later admitted to regretting the incident.

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