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Rubian Suits

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Rubian Suits

Rubian Suits are mechanized suits made popular by the much maligned and often misunderstood Wizbits Extreme television series.

The Rubian Suits worn by the four familiars of the Wizbits Extreme team, Dementor Dervmont, Harbinger Hallau, Blight Blunder and X-Train (all more extreme characters were based off the familiars from the original series, with the notable exception of X-Train, whose likeness came to replace Myrtle after the rights for that character were sold to Funjitsu Electronics for use in an ill fated marketing campaign) would combine in the primary phase of the transformation.

These mechanized suits, made of a dark, polymorphous Rystran based material, derived the majority of their energy from the placement of 748 intricately aligned Rubian Crystals. Once precisely interlocked with the other three suits, the 2992 crystals formed the Bothorian Power Matrix, allowing the second phase to occur. Alignment of the crystals was notoriously difficult to maintain, lasting no more than five minutes, which put a hard limit on the usefulness of everyone's suit, with the exception of Dementor Dervmont. The failure of the crystal alignment was the subject of a large number of jokes-- who would design a mechanized suit that couldn't last more than a few minutes without meticulous replacement of the 748 crystals? It is widely believed that this story element was mainly an excuse to cheaply fill airtime, due to the inordinately long animated sequence used to show the realignment of the Bothorian Power Matrix. The sequence itself was more than a third of any single episode, and as such, often had to be continued in order to be finished.

With the Bothorian Power Matrix formed, Wizbits Extreme would then link together the sixteen Chroassu Star Fragments on the left guard plate of their Rubian Suit, and enter the heart of the matrix itself, forming the dreaded Rubinoazon.

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