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  • Competition
  • Victory
  • Egoism
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Spite
  • Cheap Tricks
  • Ice

Other Names

  • Giver of The Second Trial
  • The Sore Loser
  • The Goddess of Victory
  • Little Miss Hissyfit

Known Relations


Relnea is usually depicted as a female Cohoris holding up the Cohoris sign of victory. Relnea is described in legend as a tall, athletic, beautiful Cohoris female with long dark green hair and light brown skin. Relnea is the sister of Linak and competes with her sister at everything. She is driven to be the best at anything and everything and if she isn't she will whine and complain about it to anyone and everyone. She will also to do anything to win, from using cheap tricks to bribing officials to flagrant disregard for the rules. She is also very spiteful, especially when she doesn't come in first as Cohor found out during The Second Trial.

A short prayer to Relnea is uttered by all Cohoris who win a competition in order not to incur her spite. Also sacrifices are made to Relnea to ensure victory (especially when dirty tricks are involved). The Cohoris try to keep Relnea on the same level as Linak in order to keep Relnea from hurting them.


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