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Regina Vadime

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Regina Vadime

Phon Elemenstor, Chronosorcellor, Elder Scion of the "Endless Scion" of the Moonlit Order, Ogre's Bane, apostle of the Ginormous Soul and founder of the Vadime Disciples, from the moment of her birth in 16,596 Regina Vadime was never content with narrow accomplishments. Her long life was filled with myriad forays into a surprisingly eclectic range of pursuits; when in 20,035 Theoric the Eversnide assumed full control of the Moonlit Order, Regina died content in the knowledge that she had not wasted a single moment.

Humble Beginnings

Regina took in tales of the Warrior Bards with her mother's milk. By the age of 10, however, she had realized that very few people remained in Battal who could competently construct Harpaxes or Swordtars. The mighty Forge-King Gragnakas had the talent, certainly, but having been reunited with his family after finishing the swords commissioned by King Selent, everyone knew Gragnakas was avoiding further requests (and, it was rumored, hiding from some obsessive collector).

At any rate, while the rarity of decent Harpaxes and Swordtars did not eliminate the possibility of becoming a Warrior Bard, it certainly complicated the issue. Undeterred, Regina attempted to make deadly music without the assistance of such instruments... and found she had the Knack for Phon Elemenstation--so strongly that her mastery over sonics could actually destroy living tissue. By the age of 16 she had been recruited into the Moonlit Order by local operatives.

The Elder Scion Collective

Regina's deep hatred of all Dark Elemenstation and eager, indeed, zealous destruction of Unlight adherents moved her quickly through the ranks of the Moonlit Order. She found herself promoted into the ranks of the Elder Scion Collective in 16,635. To celebrate, she wed her long-time lover, the Ogre Prime Minister Krunchin Oxflorgin. Two years later her curse on Krunchkin's entire race cemented Regina's reputation as someone "you should never cross, or even slightly annoy."

In 16,648, the High Augur died and the Staff of the High Augur vanished. This was fairly standard practice--the members of the Elder Scion Collective assumed rule of the Moonlit Order, were granted temporary immortality, and everyone went right on with their absolutist crusade against Unlight.

After about a hundred years of this, however, Ebberontimax the Brilliantly Golden suggested that something had gone horribly wrong. As one of the most powerful members of what would later be known as the "Endless Scion," Regina took it upon herself to determine whether Ebberontimax was correct. She spent the next two hundred years becoming a Chronosorcellor; once she had more or less mastered Timenes, Regina employed Banachronation to go back three hundred years. After some careful searching, she actually witnessed an unfamiliar figure retrieve the Staff of the High Augur and vanish.

Though it took her another century of searching, Regina finally determined that the Staff of the High Augur had to remain lost until 20,019. Meanwhile, after 500 years of unchanging leadership and growing apathy, the Moonlit Order was in a shambles. Grand Elemenstor Raffleston and Arum Tharnak managed to keep the Moonlit Order recruiting and operating on a greatly reduced scale using the sale of action figures and peanut products while the other five members of the "Endless Scion" sought ways to further the mission of the Moonlit Order until their greatest weapon and most important leader could return.

Into the Vadime Depths

In exploring the mysteries of Phon, Regina learned not only to generate Phon but also to be receptive to it. While meditating in the southern foothills of The Sickle, Regina heard a tiny echo and pursued it. She soon found herself communing with the Ginormous Soul. Canonically, most references to Regina and this period of history are obfuscatory. It is not known why her communion with the Ginormous Soul inspired her to train the Gineoccologists and found the Vadime Disciples rather than share the secrets of the Ginormous Soul with the Order to which she had pledged her life. It is only known that she spent a thousand years building up the Vadime Disciples while the Moonlit Order floundered.

A Noble End

Regardless of this apparent negligence, Regina was a member of the Elder Scion Collective and did remain dedicated to the destruction of Unlight. When Theoric the Eversnide came at last, he reluctantly granted the Elder Scion Collective 16 years to get their affairs in order. They were overjoyed; indeed, some of them had attempted suicide literally hundreds of times over the past 3,000 years. Regina, content in her accomplishments, at last gave up her immortality in 20,035, making way for a new Elder Scion Collective to rebuild the Moonlit Order under the guidance of the High Augur.

Her only regret was that she had never become a proper Warrior Bard.

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