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Realmworlds' Armory Presents: 100 Swords of Sepathok

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100 Real Swords of Sepathok

Early in 2001, Realmworlds Publishing (under the direction of Multigame Corp) bought a small fantasy sword production outfit called Fantasy Armory LLC, for the express purpose of manufacturing collectible versions of Famous Weapons of Battal. Realmworlds Publishing immediately renamed it Realmworlds' Armory and began production in February. Boy was their face red when Multigame Corp changed the name to Elemenstors of the Peninsula later that year, but somehow nobody ever got around to changing the Armory's name again. The replicas enjoyed only modest success on PAX TV's "The Knife Show," but became a sleeper hit after they were sold in the dealer room at Space Elemen-Station 04.

The most popular line is of course the 100 Swords of Sepathok collectible set. These swords are no better quality than Realmworlds' Armory's other products, but they do come with a wall-mounted display case that matches the style of the CCG 100 Swords Wall Display. The Rubber Pleasure Blade of the Nether Regions is of course made of rubber rather than steel and features its trademark eldritch vibration. It sells rather better than any of the others, mostly out of adult book stores.

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